Daymak, an electric car company based in Canada, announced the launch of Daymak Spiritus, an electric car capable of mining cryptocurrency. According to the specifications, it also has a solar charging function to reduce the load on the battery while driving. The company only provided cars for 60 days, claiming to have successfully obtained more than $350 million in pre-orders.

Daymak will launch crypto mining electric vehicles

Daymak, an electric car company based in Toronto, announced the launch of its new product, Daymak Spiritus, which will use cryptocurrency mining capabilities. According to its press release, Daymak Spiritus will be able to “mine from Dogecoin to Bitcoin during parking.” Spiritus will include an onboard GPU, allowing its users to use their mining capabilities to obtain any cryptocurrency. Although it states that it will feature Bitcoin mining, the statement does not mention ASIC hardware.

Daymak will launch its first crypto mining vehicle in 2023

In addition to its cryptocurrency mining function, Daymak Spiritus also has other rare quirks: the car looks strange, it is a two-seater car with three wheels, but it does not slack, from 0 to 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds . Although it is a far cry from the recent quotations of Tesla and other electric companies, Daymak chose to maintain the more value-oriented side of the price range. The estimated price of its entry model is $19,995, and this decoration is “luxury.”

Spiritus is also equipped with a solar panel that can power all non-mechanical systems, which means that if Daymak does deliver, this may be the first car that allows solar-powered cryptocurrency mining. However, Demark’s proposal goes far beyond that. Company President Aldo Baiocchi announced:

We envision a future where your highway tolls, parking fees, and drive-through orders will be paid directly and instantly via cryptocurrency. Your online bills and banking business can be processed through the same software platform that is paid in cryptocurrency.

It is too early to see whether all these ideas will be applied, but the company’s vision is indeed ambitious and can help other manufacturers follow the trend. Daymak estimates that Spiritus will be ready to ship in 2023.

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The push for green continues

Daymak has joined the green mining narrative being promoted by the famous Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which sets the tone for the new company’s entry into the mining business. Musk criticized the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining, and Tesla also announced that they would stop accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their vehicles last month. Coincidentally, prices experienced a plunge at about the same time, and many people attribute this fact to one of the factors that caused the plunge.

Spiritus will be powered by electricity and solar energy, so that it can sense the benefits of cryptocurrency when parking, and use only renewable energy, which the brand believes will attract ecologists. The company also accepts cryptocurrency payments and is the second electric car manufacturer in the world to do so after Tesla.

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