According to various reports, the US president-elect Biden plans to create another trillion Covid-19 relief and infrastructure $3 large-scale stimulus plan and supporters of the Biden administration have convinced cryptocurrency supporters that Bitcoin will greatly prosperity.

Biden proposes $3 trillion to finance Covid-19 relief and infrastructure

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in various parts of the United States, politicians and members of the Federal Reserve have distributed large amounts of dollars to special interest groups and Wall Street trading houses. Americans did get a $1,200 stimulus check in the last plan, and then a $600 stimulus check per person in the most recent stimulus plan.

Cryptocurrency advocates believe Joe Biden's $3 trillion stimulus plan will boost Bitcoin
Reports say that the US President-elect Biden plans to create another trillion Covid-19 bailouts of $3

Trillions of dollars in the United States have issued Covid-19, and it is estimated that a quarter of the rise of all existing U.S. dollars in 2020 now reports that the US President-elect Biden is planning to issue another trillion when he is in charge of Take office. contributor Hans Nichols reports: “Joe Biden is considering asking Congress to help suffering Americans in two steps.” Nichols pointed out that the United States People may receive a coronavirus payment of $2,000, as well as tax and infrastructure facilities worth $3 trillion. Nichols also added that Biden’s “Rebuild Better” plan will increase the capital gains and marginal tax rates of Americans who represent the country’s highest income earners.

Cryptocurrency supporters believe stimulus will boost Bitcoin

Since news that Biden may create another $3 trillion to launch his government’s “Rebuild Better” plan, cryptocurrency supporters have stated that stimulus measures may boost Bitcoin.

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On January 10, 2021, the Twitter account is called “Bitcoin Archive” write “When the 3 trillion stimulus plan was announced in July 2020, Bitcoin jumped 35%. If Bitcoin happens again, this may raise BTC to $55,000. Joe Biden will be in the week Four announced another major stimulus bill.”

Cryptocurrency advocates believe Joe Biden's $3 trillion stimulus plan will boost Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Youtuber, “Ivan on Tech” also tweeted about the $3 trillion stimulus plan proposed by the Biden administration.Biden [is] Prepare a $3 trillion stimulus plan,” Ivan write. He added: “This will make the stock market, especially Bitcoin, reached crazy levels in February.”

Youtuber Lark Davis made a similar statement on Twitter and said:

The new Biden administration launched a massive new American stimulus plan. There are 3 trillion dollars on the table.Bitcoin [is] Go to Jupiter.

In fact, during the weekend, even though many cryptocurrency enthusiasts discussed the recent big technology censorship, Biden’s stimulating conversation was also Popular Twitter topics In Bitcoin. One person noticed an increase in the number of long-distance buy orders on the derivatives exchange Deribit.

“After Biden confirmed that he would launch a $3 trillion economic rescue package (which cannot really be called a stimulus measure), Deribit’s option activity showed [a] Long-distance calls in areas exceeding $100,000 have increased significantly. Market participants say that by September, the number of bitcoins will rise to six figures. Said.

Biden supporters said that administrative management will be “big men” and look forward to returns

At the same time, other reports show all the supporters behind Biden’s new administration. These reports indicate that the next four years may see a lot of careless spending. Jon Reynolds, the author of Screechingkettle, explained on Sunday: “Bankers, defense companies, venture capitalists, private equity firms, the telecommunications industry, the fools and economic killers of the intelligence community all made donations to the Biden government. To get it.

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Reynolds believes that donors will “expect to be rewarded” and they will also receive “more aid.” One Bitcoin supporter said after hearing that Biden had added another 3 trillion dollars, people would now go crazy selling BTC.

“Why will someone sell Biden when it prints $3 trillion in the first month of 2021?” Personal Tweet. “Do you really think this will be the last stimulus for him to hold the presidency for 4-8 years?”

What is your opinion on the possibility of Biden’s $3 trillion stimulus bill to boost Bitcoin and the crypto economy? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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