Recently, cryptocurrency transactions in India have grown at an unprecedented height. With the rebound and strength of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community in India has multiplied. At the same time, a fair and regulated market has become their highest requirement. In the growing market, some existing operators have been operating since the past few years, but the entry of CryptoBiz Exchange has caused hype because they hope to occupy the market with its functions.

Reasons for the hype

CryptoBiz has a disruptive business model that aims to break through the high-end Indian market. This will encourage more and more people to start investing in cryptocurrencies and become part of the world of virtual assets. One thing to note is that under the current circumstances, Indian traders have no choice but to buy at a higher premium than existing crypto trading platforms, which is already at a disadvantage. This is the purpose of the emergence of CryptoBiz, aimed at destroying this unfair higher premium rate and establishing a fair market.

The company’s financial headquarters is in Estonia, but its business center is the Indian team, which aims to make Cryptocurrency-trading a seamless experience through numerous innovative features. Cryptobiz Exchange aims to provide a fast, safe and convenient experience that can even accommodate first-time users and introduce more and more people to the digital asset ecosystem.

Mr. Arjun Dev, the head of CryptoBiz Exchange business development, is an experienced financial and trading expert. Since the past 7 years, he has always understood the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency industry. Mr. Dev strongly believes in a global approach. In his words, “CryptoBiz Exchange is an ambitious project. Our products reflect our vision for the future. The types of functions we provide and the functions we will launch in a period of time – it’s an all-in-one Crypto platform. India is one of the emerging markets in the cryptocurrency world, and we hope to start in India to mark our beginning-the business starts in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. We plan to go all out to sweep the crypto trading market , Benefiting more and more traders. This is just the beginning.”

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In order to reach the expanding crypto community in India, Mr. Ahmad Dal, the chief operating officer of CryptoBiz Exchange, envisioned using a product that can meet demand and create new opportunities for enterprises to educate and transform existing market. Encryption enthusiasts in India and the entire international market in the near future.

CryptoBiz will occupy the Indian crypto market through the storm

Currently, basic BTC buying/selling has been established and registration is open. In order to use the amazing features provided by CryptoBiz, users should register and open an account on CryptoBiz Exchange. The registration process is very simple and standard, once verified, users will be directed to their dashboard.

In short, CryptoBiz is expected to become a leader in stabilizing the Indian cryptocurrency trading market. There are some unique features to be listed, and they are all listed on the official website. As of now, as more and more features are launched, CryptoBiz Exchange is running the Beta version. As CryptoBiz seeks to bring its feature-rich platform to the largest users, Android and iOS smartphone apps will be launched in the coming weeks. In addition, an advanced exchange platform with DeFi capabilities is under development and will soon be used in the growing Crypto community.

Focusing on a secure platform and convenient user experience, CryptoBiz Exchange pledges to provide its customers with the best forward-looking experience in the market.

In addition, CryptoBiz Exchange has established strategic partnerships with some of the largest emerging names and services in the cryptocurrency world. Recently, CryptoBiz partnered with Trastra, the latter is the famous Crypto Debit Card, which enables Crypto to EUR transactions and facilitates the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the European Economic Area without paying high fees. CryptoBiz seeks to prepare for global expansion through the upcoming premium exchange. Cooperation with global products such as Trastra only shows that CryptoBiz prioritizes customer convenience.

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CryptoBiz Exchange launched in India

Are you tired of buying Bitcoin at a higher premium? Do you need to prioritize safe exchanges while ensuring the provision of quality services? CryptoBiz Exchange is the solution. With a smooth interface and timely support, the most advanced features of CryptoBiz have swept the Indian cryptocurrency market here.

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