In India, the COVID-19 vaccination work is in the third stage, and now, people who are being vaccinated are receiving calls from the government to investigate whether they have actually been vaccinated. These calls were forwarded to 1921, which was introduced by the Ministry of Health in April last year, as telephone numbers for investigations related to COVID-19. The Ministry of Health then informed citizens that they may call COVID-19-related issues through this number, and they should participate in “good measures” to achieve “appropriate feedback.”

This survey call is a call recently received by a colleague of ours to confirm whether people seeking a date through the CoWIN portal have received the COVID-19 vaccination. Prior to this, many users who made appointments through the CoWIN portal but were unable to reserve the appointment complained of receiving a text message stating that they had received the COVID-19 vaccine dose. To minimize errors, the government has also recently introduced a four-digit security code-unique to each registered member that can be found in its CoWIN account-the vaccinators will use to correctly record the beneficiary’s vaccinations situation.

Last year, the Ministry of Health issued a notice to inform citizens that although the 1921 issue was initiated by the government, telephone investigations related to COVID-19 are still being conducted. It also tried to warn users not to accept similar investigative calls made by pranksters from any number other than 1921. The notice has required states and union territories to inform citizens of the center’s activities.

The notice said: “People were told that this was a real investigation and asked to take appropriate measures when they called in 1921 so that people could correctly report the incidence and distribution of Covid symptoms.”

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