A Colombian entrepreneur and a Venezuelan teenager launched a cryptocurrency in Boyaca, Colombia. The region is now known in the local cryptocurrency industry as the home of the country’s most popular emerging local cryptocurrency.

More than 5,000 people from other countries are currently holding a “Bitcoin Boycott”

Kmuschicoin, commonly known as “Bitcoin boyacense”, was created by local environmental engineer Germán Viasus and Venezuelan programmer José Carmelo Campos.

The creator of the “Bitcoin Boy Scam” said that kmuschicoin can be considered the world’s first “environmental cryptocurrency”. Currently, it is also the most valuable Colombian cryptocurrency on the market.

In fact, Viasus pointed out in an interview with the local TV show Testigo Directo that it was originally created to sell of Tierra Viva. The company is a Boyacá-based company that uses beetles to convert solid waste into organic compost.

Regarding the name of the Colombian cryptocurrency, Viasus said that it was inspired by the Japanese word “kabutomushi” (Japanese rhino beetle).

Campos is by Viasus as the mastermind of kmuschicoin technology, and he said that they will not stop innovating cryptocurrencies. He means creating educational resources, launching wallet applications, and other tasks.

The mastermind behind Colombian cryptocurrency claims that more than 5,000 people in the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Russia already own kmuschicoins. In addition, local shops and restaurants in Boyacá State are accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

The interview included videos of shops with QR codes that accept kmuschicoin as a payment method and even provide transactions when people pay with “big bitcoins”.

Since its creation, Kmuschicoin has been unstoppable

Based on the price of kmuschicoin, as of press time, the value of a token is $2.54. When the coin was founded by Viasus and Campos in 2019, it was trading at $0.1.

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Colombian tokens then surged, reaching $1.50 by 2020. At the beginning of 2021, kmuschicoin surpassed its all-time high with a transaction price of US$3.9.

According to the creator, the buyer of kmuschicoin is also as the “temporary owner” of Tierra Viva. One person can only buy 3.5 million kmuschicoins.

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Picture Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons