Press release. CoinsLoot is a decentralized crypto platform that provides a series of benefits for gamers, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For the first time in history, users can purchase loot boxes with ERC-20 tokens to reveal secretly selected cryptocurrencies and generous prizes, such as Tesla Model X. Anyone can buy the native LOOT token of the platform from IEO and mortgage it to get rewards in every loot transaction. The box uses a provable fairness algorithm to ensure safety and fair returns.

Encrypted Loot Box

The CoinsLoot cryptocurrency Loot Box provides a more convenient way for ordinary crypto enthusiasts to own an instant cryptocurrency portfolio and use the portfolio for real-life goods and services.

Each CoinsLoot cipher box has multiple cryptocurrencies inside, a lossless guarantee, and includes up to 10% free cryptocurrencies.

The value of each loot box is determined by the value of the ERC-20 token used to open the loot box. But what if a user buys a Bitcoin loot box and doesn’t like the bonus inside? Well, CoinsLoot Box uses a spinning mechanism to display prizes in the form of cards. If users get a prize they don’t like, they will get another chance and have a chance to win other prizes.

CoinsLoot leads the trend

The loot boxes of leading mainstream game providers provide users with virtual items such as skins, weapons and various other equipment, and EA and Activision have revenues of more than $1 billion per quarter, so it is easy to see the market potential. In contrast, CoinsLoot Boxs provide more features, each with consumable cryptocurrency, real world prizes and bonuses.

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In addition to the benefits of consumable currency from the loot box, the transparency, guaranteed returns and prizes provided by CoinsLoot’s provably fair algorithm also exclude it from the main participants. Considering the reputation of certain loot boxes in the market, this more transparent and trustworthy method may bring huge benefits to a market that is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars in the next few years.

Cybersquat and start earning immediately

One of the most critical aspects of CoinsLoot is LOOT betting. Anyone can buy and stake Loot tokens to profit from every transaction made by the opened Loot box. The more users stake, the higher the return they will see. What else can be provided by transferring 100% of the betting profit to LOOT holders?

The total supply of CoinsLoot’s ERC-20 tokens is 100 million. The provided token is reserved as follows:

  • The sales allocated to the IEO is 70 million
  • 15 million to the team and founders
  • 10 million to influencers and consultants
  • 5 million for bounty and airdrop

Any user who recommends others will receive a 10% commission from all recommendations. In order to further develop the LOOT community and encourage investment, CoinsLoot will provide an additional 10% tokens to anyone who spends $2,000 on LOTOT.

Currently, IEO is in the second phase, which will end on December 24 and will only be held on CoinCasso Exchange. 12 million LOOTs can only be used for $0.07 per token, the complete breakdown is as follows:

  • Phase 1 – 02/12/20 – 11/12/20 – 11,000,000 Looting $ 0.06
  • Phase 2 – 14/12/20 – 23/12/20 – 12,000,000 loot $ 0.07
  • Phase 3 – 24/12/20 – 02/01/21 – 13,000,000 loot $ 0.08
  • Phase 4 – 03/01/21 – 31/01/21 – 14,000,000 plundered $ 0.09
  • Phase 5-January 2, 21-February 28, 21-15,000,000 purchases for $ 0.10
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