Press release. Coinrule is a fast-growing automated trading platform headquartered in London, England. After announcing that its recent investment in Seeders has achieved 200% of its target and raised $700,000, it is expected to achieve explosive growth in the next few months. . Valuation is $6 million. This funding will enable Coinrule to grow its team, expand into the fast-growing stock exchange market, and provide “market-leading backtesting tools”, all of which are aimed at furthering its mission of democratizing financing channels.

2020 is an extraordinary year for cryptocurrencies. A large amount of investor cash is pouring into space like a flood. Through a “beginner-friendly” trading platform, which can “seize the next market opportunity on your behalf”, Coinrule’s fast-growing user base can profit from upside gains through automated trading and investment, while protecting downside space. Its intuitive interface (which can connect to all popular exchanges) provides users with the tools and flexibility needed to execute any crypto trading strategy without having to learn any code.

How it started

Coinrule was founded by entrepreneurs Oleg Giberstein, Gabriele Musella and Zdenek Hofler, and it has come a long way since the three met in the Masschallenge Accelerator Programme in 2017.

Compared with the early days, the company is almost unrecognizable. The team successfully raised seed funding from the Fintech Lab of the famous Hungarian bank MKB and Zilliqa’s investment arm ZilHive. A group of 13 experienced angel investors-including John Austin, former CSO of IG Index, Robin Bade, former CEO of Mirum WPP, Stelios Gerogianakis, chief engineer of Go Cardless, and Oliver Snoody, former brand marketing director and vice president of marketing at Deliveroo’s company – joined the initial round of financing and soon attracted many impressive consultants, including Dr. Andrea Baronchelli, a well-known UCL Blockchain Technology Center researcher. With such an All-Star team, the future prospects are indeed very bright.

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how are things

Coinrule recently concluded an exceptionally successful investment round through Seeders, with over-financing reaching 209% and raising approximately US$700,000 from more than 670 individual investors. The missions of “returning financial power to ordinary people” and “democratizing investment opportunities” obviously resonate well with Coinrule’s millennial target audience and technology-oriented investor groups.

This new injection of funds will be clearly used for three key goals. First, it will enable Coinrule to expand its very international team-currently 13 employees in 7 time zones. Second, this will allow them to expand their “tradable assets” to include stocks as well as current crypto-based products, which will allow the company to enter a new, trillion-dollar market. Third, it will allow the team to release “the easiest backtest tool in the world” so that investors can easily compare trading strategies with historical data. There are many exciting and innovative features on the long-term roadmap, one of which is the “social market”, which allows users to share strategies and imitate/ the best performing traders.

Statistics represent yourself

Coinrule has proudly declared that 67% of its user funds are profitable. This is not the result of any black magic or creative accounting. In short, the user uses the template provided by the Coinrule trading team in the app and the user’s own customized strategy to formulate appropriate strategies that can protect falling funds while ensuring rising profits.

Even for ordinary people with little time, active investment is not rocket science, as long as you have the right tools. The new cash injected by Coinrule will enable them to further their mission of providing these tools to a wider audience and help build the future of finance through intuitive, automated transactions. As the founder Gabriele Musella said: “The new financial world requires a balance of the competitive environment between regular traders and hedge funds. Before we reach this point, we are here to get busy.”

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About gold coins

Coinrule is a beginner-friendly and safe trading platform that allows you to send automated trading instructions to your favorite exchanges, such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc. Its intuitive interface provides you with the tools and flexibility you need to execute any crypto trading plan without having to learn any code.

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