Press release. ASSEMBLE Protocol, the leading blockchain-based global points integration platform, announced that it has added its utility token ASM to Coinbase Custody. This means that ASM will obtain a cold storage solution from Coinbase Custody, one of the largest custodians in the crypto field.

Coinbase Custody provides cold storage support for ASM

The Coinbase institution officially confirmed ASM’s support for Coinbase custody at 5 pm (PDT) on May 3rd. In their Twitter handle.

According to their tweet, after conducting a technical and compliance review of the token, Coinbase Custody officially approved the addition of the ASM token to its cold storage custody. Considering that users on Coinbase Custody can now access tokens, this is an important milestone for the ASSEMBLE protocol. The custody platform is considered to be one of the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency custody solutions for individual and institutional investors.

Adding ASM to Coinbase Custody is expected to bring higher security and trust to the ASSEMBLE protocol. As part of this escrow support process, Coinbase Custody will now enable ASSEMBLE protocol token (ASM) deposits and withdrawals. ASM token holders can now use new options to custody their assets.

It should be noted that Coinbase Custody provides custody services for 90 digital currencies..

The ASSEMBLE protocol team considered Coinbase Safekeeping Due to the reliability, security and transparency of the platform.Since its launch eight years ago, Coinbase Custody has not experienced any security incidents or loss of encrypted assets on the platform And comply with the most stringent security protocols. In addition to listing ASM on Coinbase Custody, users can now safely deposit and withdraw funds without leaving the Coinbase platform.

ASSEMBLE protocol a unique blockchain platform

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Assembling agreements continue to make significant progress in providing users with unlimited opportunities to use points, just as they use cash without time or location restrictions.

The blockchain protocol provides points and points function, which can convert various points and points into its native token ASM or cash it out through a single process. In addition, ASSEMBLE also provides consumers with multiple channels for them to use their points. Users can freely transfer points within the platform or purchase goods and services within the ASSEMBLE platform.

Its unique ecosystem is developed through a data infrastructure in which consumer data is constantly updated in a database. This means that advertisers can use the data to effectively run their advertising campaigns.

When consumers purchase products and earn points from the point provider, they can exchange these points for ASM tokens through the ASSEMBLE platform point exchange. Point Exchange provides a safe place for point-to-ASM exchanges to occur.

There is a market for product transactions using ASM tokens on the platform. Consumers can buy products from sellers on favorable terms and get rewards by commenting on their buying experience or participating in the community.

Faithful to its decentralized architecture, all data collected from consumer payments is stored on the blockchain. The stored data is also used for marketing purposes, as advertisers can process the data and deliver their advertisements to identifying consumer groups that are suitable for their goals.

In recent months, ASSEMBLE has been able to establish major partnerships with top e-commerce platforms STA1.COM and ClubPass. Together, these two platforms have more than 800,000 users. ASM is also listed on Bithumb, Korea’s leading exchange, and recently listed on the exchange’s KRW market.

The ASSEMBLE protocol community continues to grow, and listing on Coinbase Custody will only accelerate the development of the blockchain platform.To learn more about the ASSEMBLE protocol, please visit Assemble the website with social media:






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