The leading crypto casino and sports betting Cloudbet has added Pax Gold to its platform, making history by allowing players to bet with gold online for the first time.

The integration of gold gambling on the encrypted game platform marks a unique milestone in the development of tokenization. Through smart contracts and blockchain technology, tangible assets become divisible, tradable and easier to exchange. Each unit of PAXG is a digital asset, backed by a one-ounce troy ounce of gold bars held by Paxos Trust Company.

A Cloudbet spokesperson said: “Tokenization allows individuals to express their consumption habits by choosing the assets they hold without having to use currencies that have no philosophical or economic dependencies.” “In this case, we want to have Gold players can place bets through the gold casino or gold sports betting.

New players who deposit PAXG to the operator are eligible for a welcome bonus worth up to 5 units of gold (nearly $10,000 at the current price), and a gold-themed slot machine in Cloudbet casino for 100 times free in two weeks Spin.

After the introduction of USD Tether and USD Coin (the largest coins in the stablecoin space) earlier this year, PAXG is Cloudbet’s third major stablecoin betting integration. For crypto games, stablecoins have been proposed as a solution for players seeking to protect the value of their cryptocurrency earnings to prevent the extreme price fluctuations experienced by non-stablecoin holders.

The value of PAXG is linked to the price of gold, while USDT and USDC are fixed at a ratio of 1:1 to the U.S. dollar, which means that the legal value of profits in these currencies will not fluctuate with the price of the cryptocurrency market. For this reason, stablecoins have always been considered the key to persuading traditional fiat currency audiences to experience cryptocurrency gambling: fast transactions, low fees, and industry-leading bonuses.

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This new coin expands the functionality of Cloudbet and is available to players looking for the best odds and maximum betting limits at home or on the go. Founded in 2013, Cloudbet is one of the oldest Bitcoin gaming operators in the world and has a history of innovation in the field of encrypted games.

The operator relaunched the website in April to attract a larger audience and introduced a series of bold new features, including e-sports, political betting, easy credit card coin purchases and three stablecoins. The site also accepts Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

The operator launched an ambitious Premier League campaign in June that attracted the attention of industry observers. In this sport, sports betting does not charge any profit for pre-match bets on all remaining games of the season. This enables customers to obtain the fairest price in the market and thus obtain the highest return.

This event is an extension of Cloudbet’s long-standing “best odds” sport in football, basketball and tennis.

Cloudbet’s story

Cloudbet is a proud pioneer of crypto gambling. Cloudbet was born in 2013 and has a pioneering spirit. It uses blockchain technology to provide players with unprecedented privacy and financial freedom. Since then, we have placed more than 10 million bets, winning the reputation of being the most trustworthy and safest in the field of encrypted games.

We wrote our own rules and boldly created an industry in which we are respected. But this is just the beginning. As always, the next thing that really excites us is. We continue to innovate and create the world’s number one again and again.

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The opportunities are endless. With the same passion and ambition, we will take us to the highest point. Cloudbet will continue to enhance the entertainment experience for players all over the world.

We are here to improve the level of the game.

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