Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan) defended the global box office revenue of his latest movie “Tenet”, saying that he has made money for the “epic spy movie of time-space bending” since its release in August Nearly 350 million US dollars (about 261 billion rupees) and feel “excited.” September around the world. India’s launch date is still waiting, but Tenet is expected to arrive before the end of this year. Nolan added that he was worried that Hollywood studios would take Tenet’s box office performance as half-and-half, rather than treating it as a half-full glass.

Christopher Nolan and Tenet made a mistake

“I am very happy [Tenet] Already earned nearly 350 million US dollars. Nolan told the Los Angeles Times. “But I worry that the film studios will draw the wrong conclusions from our distribution-they are not looking at where the movie is doing well and how to provide them with much-needed income, but Nowhere to go while watching a movie. Meet the expectations before the COVID, and will use this as an excuse to make the exhibition bear all the losses caused by the pandemic, instead of participating in the game and making adjustments or rebuilding our business. “

Nolan did not mention the market he was referring to when he said “Where does the movie work well”, but it is worth noting that Tenet is doing better outside of the United States, which is very important for the American film industry. become more and more important. Last era. Of the total revenue of 347.1 million U.S. dollars (approximately 259 million rupees), Tenet’s income outside the United States was 293.3 million U.S. dollars (approximately 21.9 billion rupees), and its income in the United States was only 52.5 million U.S. dollars (approximately 3.9 billion rupees). , Partly because the Los Angeles cinemas in New York have not yet fully opened.

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Even if we don’t know what the movie should be made during the pandemic, box office analysts think this is disappointing. Hollywood studios have pushed all blockbuster films to 2021, including the next Bond film “Year Without Death” (April 2, 2021), the upcoming Marvel movie (May 2021, “Black widow”, Shangzhi July 2021, and Eternals in November 2021), or the next “Fast and Furious” movie F9 (May 28, 2021).

Warner Bros. ‘My own “Supergirl 1984” is still the last big movie to be released in 2020 (Christmas), but it is expected to be released soon. Although Nolan is “excited” about Tenet’s box office collection, the film studio that released it is not sure whether to experience it again. Although it is worth noting that the situation of COVID-19 has been developing, currently, Western Europe is undergoing a second lockdown. Tenet’s revenue in Western Europe exceeds US$91 million (approximately Rs 6.8 billion).

However, if it is to be owned by Nolan, he seems to promote the release of more dramas: “In the long run, going to the cinema is a part of life, just like restaurants and everything else. But now, everyone must adapt to the new reality. .”