Christopher Nolan spared no effort on WarnerMedia’s decision to release all Warner Bros. movies on HBO Max and American cinemas on the same day in 2021. Director Tenet has been working with Warner Bros. since 2002. [HBO Max]Nolan was dissatisfied with this move without consulting the relevant filmmakers. He added: “The decision has no economic significance” and Warner Bros. does not “understand what they are losing.”

HBO Max gets a big boost from Warner Bros. in 2021

“some [Hollywood]Nolan said in a prepared statement to the “Hollywood Report”: “The biggest filmmakers and the most important movie stars thought they were working for the biggest film studio before going to bed at night, and woke up to find that they were working Work for the worst streaming service.”. “Warner Bros. has an incredible machine that can take the work of filmmakers to any place in theaters and homes, and when we speak, they are dismantling it. They don’t even understand what they are losing. . Their decision makes no economic sense, and even the most casual Wall Street investor can see the difference between destruction and dysfunction.”

Nolan said in tonight’s entertainment show: “There is so much controversy surrounding it because they didn’t tell anyone. In 2021, they have some of the world’s top filmmakers, and they have some of the world’s largest Stars, they have worked for these projects for years in some cases, these projects are very caring, screen experience. They should have existed for the widest possible audience…now they are used as streaming services (Emerging streaming media service) loss leader without any consultation.

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“So there is a lot of controversy. It’s very, very, very confusing. A real bait and switch. Yes, this is different from how you treat filmmakers and stars and those people who have paid a lot of money for these projects. They deserve it. Consult and talk about what will happen to their work.”

The THR report pointed out that WarnerMedia may be considering “legal challenges” from related partners, whether it is a star, a director or a production company. This is because many contracts include back-end transactions that guarantee a certain percentage of box office revenue, which will have a profound impact when movies are simultaneously sent to streaming services in American cinemas. Warner Bros. gave Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins of “Wonder Woman 1984” a “sizable bonus” to persuade them to get the latest release of HBO Max, but other films since then Neither did it. THR claims: “If WarnerMedia is prepared to write big checks for all profitable participants in the transferred movies, then this anger will definitely be eased.”

There is also the issue of Legendary Pictures, which participated in two major films released by Warner Bros. in 2021: Godzilla and King Kong and Dennis Villeneuve’s Dunes. It is said that Netflix is ​​willing to pay more than $225 million (approximately Rs 16.6 billion) for the former, but WarnerMedia blocked the deal because it wanted to use the movie for HBO Max. Legendary has not reached the above-mentioned sale at all, so according to THR, the two studios may eventually appear in court.