China’s new prototype spacecraft “successfully landed” on Friday, marking its ambitious ambition to have a permanent space station and send astronauts to the moon.

The China Manned Space Administration stated that the spacecraft has safely arrived at the intended location after successful attempts in the early part of the critical test.

It said that the cabin structure of the spacecraft has been confirmed on site as intact.

From the Wenchang launch site on the southern island of Hainan, the test ship was launched onto the new launch vehicle with a cargo compartment.

The space agency said the ship stayed in orbit for two days and nineteen hours and completed many experiments.

The return proved the performance of the spacecraft, such as its heat resistance-the aircraft that re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere faced high temperatures.

It is hoped that one day the spacecraft can transport astronauts to the space station that China plans to complete in 2022 and eventually to the moon.

The new prototype can increase the number of flight attendants that can be sent into space from 3 to 6 in the early model.

Friday’s safe landing was an obstacle encountered in the early stages of the test. The anomaly was an unspecified “anomaly” that occurred during the return of the cargo hold designed to transport equipment.

The completion of the experiment involved the first flight of the Long March 5B rocket, which was carried out after two previous failures-Long March 7A failed in March, and Long March 3B failed to take off in early April.

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Catch up
Observers said that this successful visit marked a milestone in China.

Andrew Jones, who reports on China’s space activities on the Space News website, said that China can “advance its space station program, and the first module may now be launched in early 2021.”

He added: “The successful landing of the new spacecraft from high orbit also shows that China is seriously sending its astronauts out of low-Earth orbit-only NASA can do this-and eventually sending its astronauts to the moon.”

Chen Lan, an independent analyst at, which specializes in China’s space program, added: “We can say that China now has manned space capabilities similar to those of the United States and Russia.”

In recent years, Beijing has invested heavily in catching up with the United States in its space program. The United States is the only country that has manned the moon.

The assembly of China’s Tiangong Space Station, whose name means “Tiangong”, is expected to begin this year and be completed in 2022.

China became the first country to land on the far side of the moon in January 2019. It deployed a lunar rover and has traveled about 450 meters (1,500 feet) so far.

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