A spokesperson for China’s long-established lunar delegation said on Monday that the weight of lunar rocks recovered from a lunar mission in China’s history is less than the original target, but China is still willing to study these samples with foreign scientists.

Last month, the unmanned Chang’e 5 probe named after the mythical goddess of the moon brought back 1.731 kilograms (3.8 pounds) of samples, which is less than 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds), making China the third in history. The country where the moon sample was obtained. plan.

Pei Chaoyu, spokesman for the mission, said that based on past survey data from other countries, the probe estimated the density of lunar rocks to be 1.6 grams per cubic millimeter.

According to this figure, the probe stopped sampling after only 12 hours, apparently assessing that the target has been reached.

Pei told reporters: “However, from the test, the actual density may not be so high.” “We initially planned to use 22 hours to complete the surface sampling work, but in fact, we stopped after 12 hours. jobs.”

He said, but China is still willing to cooperate with all countries to study samples, including the United States.

For many years, U.S. laws have restricted direct cooperation between NASA, its space agency, and China.

Bei Ming said: “We have not set restrictions between countries.” Whether the two countries can carry out relevant cooperation is a matter for both sides. “

He said that China has not yet received any requests for samples, adding that the rocks are still in the pretreatment stage.

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