The Chinese Space Administration stated that on Wednesday, an unopened Chinese spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of Mars after 6-1/2 months from the earth. This is the country’s first independent flight to Mars.

The National Space Administration said in a statement that the robot probe burned the propeller for 15 minutes at 7:52 pm Beijing time 5:22 pm Beijing time, slowing the speed of the spacecraft to the point that it could be captured by the space shuttle speed. The pull of Mars’ gravity.

In May or June, Tiantian-1 will try to quickly descend the space capsule carrying the 240kg rover for 7 minutes and land on a huge plain called “utopian planet” in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

If the landing is successful, the solar-powered rover will explore the surface of Mars for 90 days, study its soil and use ground penetrating radar to look for signs of ancient life, including any groundwater and ice.

Astronomy One, or “Ask Heaven”, is the name of a Chinese poem written two thousand years ago. It was China’s first independent visit to the earth after a probe jointly launched by China and Russia failed to leave the earth’s orbit in 2011.

The probe is one of three probes to reach Mars this month. The “Hope” spacecraft launched by the United Arab Emirates successfully entered the orbit of the planet on Tuesday. Hope it will not land, but it will orbit Mars to collect data about its weather and atmosphere.

Astro One will also have an orbiter component that uses a series of instruments (including high-resolution cameras) to measure the Martian atmosphere.

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The two probes are combined with six other orbiting spacecraft above Mars launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA) and India.

In the most ambitious mission to Mars in the United States, the one-ton Perseverance probe is expected to arrive on February 18. It will immediately try to land on the rocky cliff, landing on the steep cliff Jezero Crater.

On the ground, Perseverance will collect rock samples for future missions. Two other NASA rovers-Curiosity and InSight-are currently operating on the surface of the earth.

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