Xbox CFO Tim Stuart (Tim Stuart) revealed that Xbox Series X will not be in short supply until at least April 2021. Microsoft’s new high-end gaming console-the price is Rs. Since the increase in the pre-order price in India, the product has been priced at US$49,990 in India, US$499 in the United States and £449 in the United Kingdom in most parts of the world. Although more Xbox Series X devices are expected to be available in late November, it seems that supply will not be able to meet demand within a few months.

Everything you need to know about Xbox Series X and Series S

Stewart said at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment virtual conference last Friday: “I think we will continue to see supply shortages before entering the post-holiday quarter, so Microsoft’s third quarter and first quarter are the same.” This It’s not the first time the Xbox department has said this. Xbox director Phil Spencer apologized at least twice, believing that demand is much higher than supply, which seems to be trying to ease the impending frustration.

However, for the first time in history, Xbox executives have made clear demands on when the Xbox Series X inventory shortage can be resolved. Stuart added, “[When] Let’s go [Microsoft’s] In the fourth quarter, all our supply chains [is] Continue to enter the pre-summer kind at full speed.that’s me […] Hope to see a little […] The supply profile meets the demand profile.

“You will not be within the holiday window. We will increase the supply in the next 4, 5, and 6 months. That is when I expect to see the demand really met, that will be very, very good.” Microsoft’s first The fourth quarter is from April to June.

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Currently, Xbox Series X is out of stock on all online platforms in India. According to The Mako Reactor, new devices are expected to be added later this week and then in late November, which is consistent with the increase in inventory in the United States and the United Kingdom at the same time as Black Friday sales. Gadget 360 has contacted Microsoft India to confirm when Xbox Series X will be available in India next time. We will update this report when we receive a response.

Microsoft is not the only one struggling with its next-generation console. Sony’s PlayStation 5 still suffers the same fate. So far, the PS5 has no release date in India, and there is no need to release products with insufficient inventory.

Xbox Series X and Series S will be launched globally (including India) on November 10. The S series is still in stock in India.