This has been a difficult year and a half. The new coronavirus pandemic not only brought life to a halt, but also caused severe damage on a global scale. However, as the vaccination progresses, there are signs of returning to normal. In addition, a new video game experience will be launched in the British capital London this summer, combining real-life kart racing and augmented reality technology. Chaos Kart takes players into a virtual world, just like a video game living in real life, competing with their friends, family, opponents and colleagues. The creator said that the kart will be equipped with functions that produce “real life feelings and reactions.”

The game combines karting and augmented reality technology. There are countless tracks in the world of digital projection. Their vehicles interact with virtual tracks and challenge other players to “launch” their own way.

In addition, since there are no physical obstacles, and the experience also incorporates anti-collision technology, there is no need for helmets and driving suits. Therefore, Chaos Karts is suitable for everyone aged 13 and above.

The company said on its website: “The experience includes various circuit designs, music playback, and most importantly, the available kart power equipment and weapons, which will enable players to’fight’ to the finish line.” Chaos Karts tickets will be available at 5 It will go on sale on the 18th. Prices start at £30 (approximately Rs 3,100) per person.

Tom Lionetti-Maguire, the founder of Chaos Karts, said his team is excited about setting up a new company, especially this summer.

Maguire said that creating a real version of the game has always been an issue for him, adding that they are happy to finally crack the game. He said: “Every time I play it, the adrenaline and its sheer elation surprises me. The gamification of experience is a phenomenon that will continue to exist, and this is its purest refinement.”

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“This is a game and an experience, full of boring nostalgia, and exudes a certain nostalgia. ChaosKarts has changed the rules of the game. All of this and timely opening, let us spend the very longing summer fun, Frankly speaking, the dream has come true.”

Chaos Karts has been hailed as one of the biggest attractions of 2021 and will open in East London in August this year, but its creators say that this experience will keep players away from each other’s lives as they compete with each other to win points and competitions .