Offering Internet users cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin Cash, seems to be a good way to spread the adoption rate. The creator of a popular tipping tool is cooking something completely new.

Self-service tip

Called Sharing tips I have a chance to try it. I gave someone Bitcoin Cash a trick on Medium and it went well. Basically, it is like a self-service tipping tool that can be used on any platform. Imagine the ubiquitous Youtube and Twitter are tips. Also, since the user notifies the creator himself and not the bot, it is difficult to review. On, wObtained exclusive news from the creators of Sharetip and asked some key questions

Jonald Fyookball (JF): First, can you tell us who you are and how to participate in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

Tiban (Creator of Sharetip): My name is Tibanne, the name of Reddit. I used it to answer “meow” in various Bitcoin-related posts, and then I used it as an anonymous nickname. After the top Bitcoin bubble of $1200, I set foot in Bitcoin in early 2014. When scaling is needed to maintain Bitcoin’s availability, I support those who want to increase the block size limit in the short term and find a solution for scaling in the long term (I believe it was the majority at the time). It is difficult to know exactly why BTC was chosen at the repository level.

My two current assumptions are: 1) Some developers are bought out by stronger people who want to keep the cryptocurrency; 2) Some developers become greedy and set up a for-profit company Blockstream, which aims to Make a profit by transferring the transaction to the foundation and put it on your own liquid. In either case, well-meaning developers will be driven away, and their access to the core Bitcoin repository will be blocked.

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin to me because it retains the attributes of globally affordable high-confidence transaction sending.

Chaintip Creator has created a new tip tool Sharetip

JF: Your first tip item is Chaintip. What inspired it?

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Tiban: I believe Chaintip is the first tipping robot on the chain. Despite the existence of tippr (a managed robot), I think it is a bad idea to recreate a managed tipping robot, and the on-chain option is preferable because a hacking attack will not put everyone’s balance in danger. Chaintip links users’ addresses to their social accounts, and then forwards tips to these addresses, which means that each user can always control their own funds before and after receiving the tip. There is no concept of “balance”.

JF: What about your new tool Sharetip? How is it different from Chaintip?

Tiban: In order for Chaintip to run on the platform (currently Reddit, Github, and Twitter), @chaintip users need to be created on the platform, and the code associated with the platform’s API needs to be written to make the bot work on the platform. Although it is easy to use, it is sometimes necessary to resolve communication channel barriers. For example, the @chaintip bot on Twitter must communicate openly with Tippee because it cannot DM them. In addition, if the robot has been banned by the platform it is running on, it will be the end of the platform. “The original idea behind Sharetip started two years ago when you asked me how to extend Chaintip to tipping on Youtube.

Sharetip aims to make Chaintip more popular by allowing people to prompt for content hosted on any URL, rather than being shut down by another platform. Sharetip is not a bot user on other platforms, but its own platform. An external account (for example, the Twitter account of a news article author) is linked to the content to be bottomed (news article), and the creator of that content declares a prompt for the content by proving that they have an external account.

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Chaintip Creator has created a new tip tool Sharetip

Sharetip currently assumes that it is entirely altruistic (giving expectations, there will be no other rewards), but creators should require certain content to be locked until the minimum number of tips is prompted, or certain content they upload and privatize can only be subscribed If you have access, this feature can be easily combined.

This will enable Sharetip to compete with existing platforms such as Patreon / OnlyFans / Ko-fi and other similar platforms for features, and has the additional advantage of being able to attract new users through Sharetip’s unique “anywhere” mechanism..

JF: Do you think tipping is a good way to spread the adoption of Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency? What have you observed from the popularity and spread of this technology?

Tiban: Yes, I think this is a good way to promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. Having said that, I don’t think that tips should be given for this reason.Have a good article While a service called ChangeTip became more and more popular, Bitcoin’s dilemma caused it trouble. Sharetip has some similarities with ChangeTip, but it is not regulatory and running it does not depend on how much money it makes. Therefore, I think I managed to avoid most (if not all) of the pitfalls mentioned in this article.

It’s sad to say, but cryptocurrency passes new highs, and mostly spreads through speculation generated by the excitement of real-world use cases and less. Hope Sharetip can correct it a bit.I must speak up Read cash And proved to be a good use case. “

JF: One last question: What are you most excited about Bitcoin Cash/crypto right now? What do you hope to see in the next few years?

Tiban: When using the wealth of cryptocurrency in the real world, I feel very excited. Things like wallet, OpenBazaar,, Memo and SLP excite me. has brought a lightning-like wallet, anyone can participate in the global economy without relying on banks. OpenBazaar removes middlemen from trade. eliminates the need for payment processors to manage deposits and withdrawals. Remarks allow dialog boxes that cannot be reviewed. In the end, SLP brought the colored coins back to the Bitcoin promised many years ago. I am very happy to see that these are used to allow unrestricted trading of equity in new startups. “

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