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CEO Pavel Durov said that Telegram will receive group video call support in May

The Telegram voice chat feature will soon receive video support, which will actually make instant messaging applications compete with similar products such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of the app, shared a message on his Telegram channel, saying that the feature will be added in May, which will make Telegram a powerful platform for group video calls. This development follows a series of announcements announced earlier this week. The instant messaging application has functions such as payment 2.0, scheduled voice chat, and mini profile for voice chat.

Durov said in a post shared on his Telegram channel that the app will also get group calling, screen sharing, encryption, noise reduction, desktop and tablet support-“everything you can get from modern video conferencing tools, But they all have a Telegram-level user interface, speed and encryption.” He also shared a short video clip to give you a glimpse of the upcoming features.

The video display has a large area showing the video source of the person currently speaking. There is also a list of active participants with a microphone button next to each participant’s profile. The person who is talking is represented by a small animation around the person’s profile image. At the bottom of the screen, there are three control buttons that can be used to mute, turn on/off the camera, and exit the voice chat session. In addition, when the orientation of the phone is changed to “landscape”, the UI will have some adjustments.

As mentioned earlier, Telegram brings many new features to messaging applications. These features include Payments 2.0, scheduled voice chats and mini-profiles for voice chats, two new Telegram web applications, updates to the Android UI, and improvements to the photo and video viewer in the application. The company also said that the updated application will not be immediately available in the Google Play store, but iOS users can update the application through the App Store.

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