Cashfusion is a privacy-enhancing solution for the Bitcoin Cash network. It is close to its one-year anniversary. In the past four months, integration has increased by 328.93%. The agreement has recently completed a security audit, integrated nearly 20,000, and has so far integrated nearly 200 million US dollars worth of Bitcoin Cash.

On November 28, 2020, the Cashfusion protocol of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will celebrate the milestone of one year of operation so far. At the time of publication, statistics from the portal showed that since November last year, approximately 19,658 fusions have been processed.

Four months ago, reported that the agreement was worth more than $9 million in BCH fusion and 4,583 fusions. Current data shows that since the report, the usage of Cashfusion has jumped 328.93%.

Cashfusion usage has increased by 328%, BCH has merged with USD 200 million, and the number of fusions is close to 20,000

After the agreement completed Kudelski Security’s security audit, the usage of Cashfusion has soared. In addition, when the fusion level was expanded from 0.82 BCH to 8.2 BCH, Cashfusion participation also increased. The expansion allows for the fusion of 10 times the amount of Bitcoin Cash. In addition, so far, 791,310 BCH have been merged together, using today’s exchange rate calculation, this is 193 million US dollars worth of bitcoin cash.

Supporters of Bitcoin Cash are loyal supporters of the Cashfusion protocol because they believe that the software is more advanced than traditional coinjoin practices. For example, data analyst James Waugh tested Cashfusion with thousands of transactions and found that fusion is far more practical than other coinjoin methods. Wo screened many transaction inputs and outputs and realized that “it is impossible to establish a specific connection” between them.

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This is because the Cashfusion developers chose to remove the equivalent requirements traditionally found in coinjoin input and output. In a paper titled “Analyzing Combinatorial Mathematics in Cash Fusion,” Electron Cash developer Jonald Fyookball explained the process in detail.

When James Waugh tested the claim of combinatorial anonymity and said “it is impossible to determine the true way in which input and output are really related (because there are many possible combinations to balance input and output).

In addition to the increase in Cashfusion operations, BCH supporters are still using the Cashshuffle protocol. Cashshuffle was launched in March 2019 and has also completed a security audit by Kudelski Security.

The web portal shows that 60,614 shuffles have been used since the birth of Cashshuffle. In mid-September, with the expansion of the security audit and fusion layer, more users began to flood into the Cashfusion protocol, and the reshuffle dropped a lot. Despite this, 271,962 BCH was still shuffled today, valued at $66.5 million.

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