On July 14, Cardano network developer IOHK announced that Alonzo white, the latest testnet for the project, has been deployed. IOHK detailed that it has joined new participants, a move that will help the project “closer to smart contracts.” Two days later, a Cardano-based project called Spores raised $2.3 million to build a non-fungible token (NFT) and decentralized finance (defi) market.

Cardano launches Alonzo White

This week, the Cardano (ADA) network launched the project’s successful Alonzo Blue testnet hard fork to the Alonzo White node. The upgrade aims to increase participation, but will also help support functional smart contracts based on Cardano.

“Successful Hard Fork”, IOHK Tweet on Wednesday. “It is great to report today around 19.44 UTC that we have successfully forked the Alonzo testnet to the new Alonzo White node. The new network is already happily making blocks. In the past week, we have built a new network and joined Our new members are ready to help us get closer to smart contracts. Now the next phase of the journey begins,” IOHK added.

The recent testnet upgrade was carried out after the recent strong opposition from the founder of Cardano. Charles Hoskinson, I saw it on Twitter recently. Hoskinson has been criticized for failing to meet certain expectations in the crypto community.

“In addition to our core SPO team, we now have Project Catalyst team members and more Plutus partners. Together with more pioneers, push us forward before opening further. You can learn more in our mid-month update. More information about the journey,” IOHK said on Wednesday.

Full-stack NFT and Defi market project Spore raised US$2.3 million

On Friday, a Cardano-based project called Spores revealed that the startup has raised $2.3 million in new funding. According to the announcement, Spores aims to establish “the first full-stack NFT and decentralized financial (defi) market”. Investors participating in the spore round of financing include NGC, SVC, Exnetwork, SL2, Twin Apex, Focus Labs, Maven Capital, OIG and Vivian Capital.

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Duc Luu, executive chairman of Spores, hopes that the company can become a crypto market similar to giants such as Alibaba. “We will launch Asia’s premier NFT market and decentralized financing tools, becoming the Alibaba and Alipay of the crypto world,” Luu said in a statement on Friday.

Polymarket bets that Cardano will produce smart contracts by October 1st

At the same time, a multi-market prediction market has been launched, showing participants betting whether Cardano will release smart contracts before October 1, 2021. At the time of writing, the prediction market is betting that the trading volume of Cardano smart contracts is $255,075. The odds show that as of that date, the project currently opposes the production of functional smart contract technology with a score of 58-42.

Cardano launches testnet to get closer to smart contracts, Polymarket odds bet on the project
Multi-market prediction market odds on July 16, 2021.

In addition, two days ago, Bitcoin.com news columnist Terence Zimwara reported on Save the Children Rwanda in cooperation with the Cardano Foundation.In Cardano” a payment gateway was installed, allowing [cardano] Donations go directly to the project without an intermediary,” the report pointed out.

What do you think of IOHK’s launch of the Alonzo White testnet and the recent fundraising of Spore? What do you think of the multi-market prediction market betting on the results of Cardano smart contracts? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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