Press release. The first decentralized IDO platform of the Binance Smart was launched suddenly. BSC Launch Pad is currently being used on Pancakeswap and will soon be released on several popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

BSCPAD is giving cryptocurrency projects the ability to distribute tokens and increase liquidity. Through a layered system, BSCPAD found a solution to incentivize and all token holders in a way that includes everyone holding tokens, not just the top 1% tokens, robots or random luck, And the barriers to entry are low.

In the case of other IDOs relying on random lottery systems or first-come-first-served systems, the robot can fill up the whitelist in a few seconds, BSCPAD is creating a fair decentralized distribution.

The logo of BSCPAD is a two-round system that ensures the allocation of resources to users at each level. No luck, no lottery, and no robots. All participants are allocated fair rewards based only on the holdings of all BSCPad tokens.

BSCPAD demonstrated a fixed-level system based on the number of tokens held. *

*As time goes by, BSCPAD reserves the right to adjust weights, add new levels and change other parameters if necessary, in order to maintain system functions, competitiveness and rewards to all community members.

“The real difference is that our launchpad is different from others in that everyone who holds the token will have the opportunity to participate in the platform,” commented co-founder Godzilla. “Our system is a predictable and provable fair system that provides our users with appropriate incentives to accumulate and hold tokens, and supports every project launched.”

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BSCPAD launch highlights:

  • After launching on PancakeSwap on March 1, 2021, the transaction volume of $BSCPAD users exceeded $300,000,000.
  • Currently has more than 17,000 holders.
  • Successful implementation of pancake and anti-robot measures.

Strategic partners and consultants:

The BSCPAD team is growing every day and is joining some of the top influencers, consultants and tasters in the crypto world. Some of the previously announced strategic partners and consultants include:

  • Jasper Byun of Blocksync Ventures
  • Lester Lim of X21 Digital
  • Iron net
  • Easy Net Capital
  • CEO of Exchange, Chowdhury, Denmark

Ferrum Advisor Services will play an important role in the growth of BSC Launch Pad. Ferrum will also provide its industry-leading stakeout platform for all future startup projects of BSCPAD. Ultimately, Ferrum will provide the latest anti-zombie metrics for future projects to ensure fair launch.

The Danish Chaudhry keenly spied and discovered and proposed the DeFi project, and will become a key participant in the introduction of new IDO partners. BSCPAD will use Denmark’s vast as its CEO exchange Guide the team to review the top projects of BSC Launch Pad.

The upcoming BSCPAD announcement:

  • More than 40 projects have contacted BSCPAD, and the team is conducting due diligence to maintain the integrity of BSCPAD and use it as the preferred launch pad for BSC projects.
  • Diamond grade: Diamond status not only allows investors to obtain the largest allocation of pre-sale opportunities, but also brings additional benefits. For this elite class, a governance will be created where users can help source projects, review projects that enter the launchpad, and finally vote on upcoming changes to $BSCPAD.
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Exciting project has been planned to launch on PSCPAD

  • BSCView: The most comprehensive trading tool available on Binance Smart Chain. Chart, trade and research with the highest efficiency to maximize your profit potential.
  • AOIZ: Reimagine streaming from the ground up using a blockchain that integrates content distribution and token economics built for media.
  • Blind box: A gamified market that bundles NFT into a mysterious box.
  • Cook Agreement: A completely decentralized cross- asset management platform, designed for investors and professional asset managers.
  • 8 pay: The world’s first multi- fully decentralized payment platform suitable for various occasions
  • gravitational: A decentralized option trading platform based on the Binance smart chain.


BSCView is the first project to be launched on BSCPAD.

1576 users participated in its pre-sale, and its starting price before being listed on Pancakeswap was $0.022. BSCView will allow traders to access a full-featured chart interface for currency pairs in the entire Binance smart ecosystem, and have the ability to chart, trade and research with the highest efficiency to maximize their profit potential.

For more information about BSCView, please visit


$BSCPAD is the next version of the blockchain launchpad, which solves the basic flaws that plague the existing launchpad. The platform benefits all holders of tokens and allows fair issuance, so that traders of all sizes have the opportunity to invest in the best upcoming Binance Smart project.


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