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Blue Origin: Bid 28 million dollars to win Jeff Bezos’ space rocket journey

In the live auction on Saturday, billionaire Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) took a spacecraft seat for 28 million U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 20.5 billion), ending a month of blue The bidding process of Origin’s first voyage sightseeing tour.

Within four minutes of the on-site phone auction on Saturday, bids exceeded 20 million U.S. dollars (approximately 1.5 billion rupees). Seven minutes after the start of the auction, the bidding ends. The identity of the winner-presumably a super wealthy space enthusiast-was not immediately disclosed.

As American companies strive to enter a new era of private commercial space travel, the launch of Blue Origin’s new Shepard booster from West Texas on July 20 will be a landmark moment.

Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin and an Amazon executive, is the richest person in the world and a lifelong space enthusiast. He has been competing with the aspiring billionaire astronauts Richard Branson and Elon Musk to become The first of the three to surpass the earth’s atmosphere.

“Looking at the earth from space will change you. It will change your relationship with this planet and with humans,” Bezos said in a video before the final bid, adding that his brother Mark will join his journey.

Blue Origin said that as the one-month live auction bidding process ended on Thursday, the winning bid amounted to 4.8 million US dollars (approximately 380 million rupees), thanks to the participation of more than 6,000 people from at least 143 countries/regions works.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas told clients earlier this month: “Sending one of the world’s richest people and one of the most well-known business figures into space is to use space as an exploration, A huge advertisement in the field of industrialization and investment.”

Although the funds raised by this event are dedicated to charity, Blue Origin hopes to inspire people’s enthusiasm for its emerging suborbital tourism business.

However, a person familiar with the matter said that Branson, who founded Virgin Galactic, may try to steal Bezos’ limelight by taking Virgin’s VSS Unity space plane during a possible test flight on the edge of space on the weekend of July 4.

The optimism that space travel will become mainstream as emerging technologies have been validated and costs have fallen has fueled the race. UBS predicts that by 2030, the annual tourism market may reach US$3 billion (approximately Rs 21,950 crore).

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, as well as Musk’s SpaceX, have also discussed using their rockets to connect distant global cities. UBS stated that the value of the long-distance travel market may exceed US$20 billion (approximately 1.5 billion rupees), but several obstacles such as aviation safety certification may undermine the plan.

Blue Origin has not disclosed its pricing strategy for future travel.

Reuters reported in 2018 that based on market research and other considerations, Blue Origin plans to charge passengers at least US$200,000 (approximately Rs 1.5 million), but its thinking may have changed.

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