Texas-based Blockcap Incorporated revealed that the blockchain and mining company mined approximately 544 bitcoins in the first quarter of 2021. Blockcap said that $33 million worth of bitcoins came from the company’s 12,176 rigs. .

Blockcap in 544 bitcoins

In the past three months, the Bitcoin (BTC) market has seen amazing gains, and as the price has risen, Bitcoin miners have also begun to make profits.This Austin-based company Cap According to Bitcoin (BTC) revenue, it shows its first quarter earnings. The company has acquired 33 million U.S. dollars or 544 bitcoins in the first quarter. Bitcoin.com news recently Reported Moved headquarters to Austin at Blockcap.

At the time, former Texas Governor Rick Perry welcomed Blockcap to bring technological innovation to Texas. The company obtained 544 bitcoins this year by using 12,176 drilling rigs, and Blockcap hopes to deploy more machines. Blockcap stated that by next year, it hopes to be able to fully deploy 43,000 Bitcoin mining equipment. Since the company was founded last year, at today’s exchange rate, it has mined a total of 1,600 BTC or US$98 million.

“Blockcap’s aggressive growth strategy aims to create more jobs not only in the United States but also in our Texas and our hometown of Austin,” said Darin Feinstein, the founder of Blockcap. “We are honored to be able to compete with many other high-quality companies in this industry, and we believe that all of us have enough room to expand together so as to provide broader and sustained economic growth for the local, state, and national level.”

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committed to Make the U.S. a Bitcoin mining hub and surpass U.S. competitors

Feinstein explained that the company is committed to making the United States a hub for “blockchain and bitcoin mining technology.” The founder of Blockcap also claimed that it outperformed “several major North American companies” in mining Bitcoin.

“These include Riot Blockchain, a public company, 491 bitcoins in the first quarter of this year, and also 165 Bitcoins mined in the third quarter Written by Hive Blockchain last year. Feinstein detailed.

The founder of Blockcap further pointed out that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions not only create jobs in the United States, but this technology also provides help for people who have no bank accounts across borders.

Feinstein said: “Currently, about 60 million Americans cannot use bank accounts, and about 1.7 billion people worldwide do not have bank accounts.” “And we at Blockap firmly believe that the entire blockchain industry will be unbanked for these. People with accounts provide the key technology needed to access the financial system.”

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