Black widow, CrureaAnd Pixar’s Luca Go to Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar, but the method or time is different.Disney announced on Tuesday that it will be led by Scarlett Johansson Black widow, The next Marvel movie will be postponed for two months. Now, it will be released in major movie theaters and Disney+ around the world on July 9th, and will be released on Premier Access at the same time. Emma Stone-starrer CrureaThe origin stories of villains from “One Hundred” and “Dalmatians” will also follow the same route, but will stick to its May 28 release date.The rest is Pixar’s next movie Luca, The date will remain the date of June 18, but will now be directly transferred to Disney + and Disney + Hotstar.

Now, since Disney+ with Premier Access (additional to your monthly subscription to Disney+ will be charged an additional $30 (approximately Rs 2,180)) or equivalent, it is not available in specific Disney+ markets such as India Black widow with Crurea Only the respective premieres of the movies are shown in theaters here.The same is true Hua Mulan And the two Disney movies Raya and The Last Dragon previously released under Disney+ through Premier Access. In three months, both titles will be released on Disney + Hotstar and Disney + (except Premier Access).If it applies later, then Black widow Will be released on Disney + Hotstar on October 8, and Crurea Will arrive on August 27th.

As for Luca, Since it was released directly on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar, it will be available in India on the first day.If you live in a market that has neither Disney + nor Disney + Hotstar, then Luca Will be shown in local cinemas.

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because Black widow After the release date was changed, Disney also moved some other games. These include Shang-Chi, Marvel’s successor from July 16 to September 3, and The Legend of Ten Rings. Shang Zhi, Which implies that Disney hopes that the theater will be in a better condition by then. Free Guy led by Ryan Reynolds from May 21st to August 13th is also in the event. The prequel “King’s Man” (King’s Man) jumped from August 20 to December 22. Therefore, Agatha Christie’s “Death of the Nile” (Death of the Nile) adapted from December to February 2021. November 11, 2022.

Kareem Daniel, Chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, said in a prepared statement: “Today’s announcement reflects our focus on providing consumer choice and satisfying changing audience preferences.” “By being in a dynamic market Using flexible distribution strategies, the market has begun to recover from the global pandemic, and we will continue to adopt the best options to tell the unparalleled story of Disney and Disney to fans and families around the world.”

Crurea It will be launched on May 28th in cinemas and Disney+ with Premier Access.Pixar Luca Then on June 18th on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. Black widow It will premiere on July 9th in cinemas and Disney+ with Premier Access.