this is Black adam. On DC FanDome, Dwayne Johnson showed his first look at the DC anti-hero, and he will be the protagonist of the upcoming independent DC movie of the same name. Johnson’s “Black Adam” (Black Adam) plays the character in the comics.Johnson also revealed the premise Black adam Movie: This is a movie that began in Kahndaq 5,000 years ago where he was enslaved, freed and imprisoned. Now, he wakes up 5,000 years later and is determined not to let anything get in the way. Johnson also revealed the American Judicial Association with whom Black Adam will contend, including Hawkman, Doctor of Destiny, Cyclone and Atomic Smasher.

“All the boys I’ve ever loved” star Noah Centineo is playing superhero Atom Smasher Black adam, He used to be flash second season.Other actors Black adam Characters have not been served yet-or not displayed. Black Adam will make a reality show in DC movies. He originally planned to participate in last year’s Shazam! But these plans were undermined by the story of black Adam’s blood. In the future DC movie world entries, Black Adam is expected to confront Shazam.

In the comics, Blake Adam never became a hero. He was originally a super villain, and it was not until the turn of the century that he slowly turned into a corrupt anti-hero. In fact, he is Shazam’s archenemy, which is why he has lightning on his chest, portraying him as an evil mirror. when. . .when Black adam After the release date was announced, Johnson’s comments also hinted at a more positive outlook. On DC FanDome, Johnson pointed out that Black Adam will be a “relentless defender of justice” and will serve as a “judge, jury, and executioner.”

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The screening journey is long Black adam. Johnson (Johnson) also mentioned a lot on DC FanDome, he personally participated in ten years. The DC film is directed by director Jaume Collet-Serra, who has worked with Johnson on Disney’s Jungle Cruise.Johnson will also serve as Black adam And Beau Flynn, Johnson, Hiram Garcia, Dany Garcia and Scott Sheldon.Garcia once said Black adam Will have an “advantage” for him. It’s like, he is not a Boy Scout superhero, he is that guy, okay, have you passed him? “Well, I will tear your head away, and then I will find the next guy.”

Black adam It is expected to be released in cinemas around the world on December 22, 2021. Filming is expected to start in early 2021.