After the price of each token exceeds $53,650 per unit, the market value of Bitcoin has exceeded $1 trillion. This estimate was obtained 145 months after the Bitcoin network was launched on January 3, 2009.

“The first trillion is the hardest”

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has surpassed the area required to have a $1 trillion market capitalization. For many cryptocurrency supporters who have been seeking leading currencies in the past decade, valuation is a milestone. In the past two weeks, digital currency advocates have discussed BTC’s slow and steady attitude towards the $1 trillion zone. For example, on February 16, Larry Cermak, the research director of The Block Say:

If Bitcoin reaches $53,650, it will be a trillion dollars in assets. The fully diluted price is $1.04T.

At 10:42 am Eastern Time, the price of BTC hit a record high of $53,743.

Bitcoin traders said that the discussion about reaching the $1 trillion milestone is a topical discussion for a whole week, which has been a long time. On the same day, software developer Jameson Lopp also discussed the $1 trillion event on social media. “The first trillion is the hardest,” Loop Tweet His 262,000 followers.

Bitcoin will move to gold next

After Luopu’s statement, many people compared the market value of decentralized crypto assets with Apple (AAPL).

It took Apple about 504 months (42.0319 years) to bring a person’s market value to $1 trillion Response.the other person Mention After Apple obtained a $1 trillion valuation, it took only 26 months to reach $2 trillion, which means that the time to value Bitcoin (BTC) to $2 trillion may be much shorter .

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Bitcoin is valued at $1 trillion, which is of great significance to many supporters, and many believe that crypto assets are heating up. Plan B, the popular creator of the inventory-to-flow (S2F) model, discussed the watershed.

“Straight to a market value of $1 trillion,” he said Say His 269,000 followers. He insisted: “Bitcoin will become gold ($10T) next.”

Citizen founder Vinny Lingham (often referred to as Oracle) believes that entering the $60,000 area may be promising.

Lingham wrote before the price surpassed $50,000: “Bitcoin looks ready to make a big breakthrough above $50,000.” “Once it clears, it is likely to test and exceed $60,000 soon. We can find out. Which [altcoins] This relationship is irrelevant, because if this big move is achieved, there may be a massacre in the alt market. “

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