As prices continue to fall, the digital currency market has been bearish in recent days. On Sunday, the overall market value of all existing crypto assets fell by more than 8% to $1.25 trillion. Bitcoin has fallen from its all-time high (ATH) last Sunday to $58,350 and to today’s low of $43,189.

  • Since last Sunday, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen by -25.98%, and today the crypto asset has hit a new low. At 10:48 am New York time, the BTC price hit a low of $43,189 per coin. BTC fell by more than 7% today, but still rose by 28% in the past 30 days, and by 122% in the past three months.
  • Today, the dominance or market valuation of BTC is approximately 61.23% compared to the valuation of other cryptocurrency economies.
Bearish outlook: Bitcoin sinks by an average of 25% in seven days, ADA shines in the storm
Bitstamp BTC / USD 3-minute interval chart was released on February 28, 2021. At the time of publication, the trading price of BTC was between $43,600 to a price slightly above $44k.
  • The second largest crypto asset by market value is Ethereum (ETH), which is exchanged for $1,318 per token on Sunday. Today, the price of Ethereum has fallen by more than 10%, and it has fallen by 31% in the last week.
  • Cardano (ADA) currently has the third largest market capitalization, with a transaction price of $1.20 per unit for each ADA. In the case of most market declines, ADA has performed significantly better than other crypto assets in the past two days. ADA fell by 12% today, but 7 days of statistics show that Cardano has risen by more than 10%.
  • Cardano (ADA) is expected to be upgraded on March 1, 2021 to introduce native token functionality to the Cardano network.
  • At the same time, Tether (USDT) is now ranked fourth, followed closely by Binance Coin (BNB) at $197 per coin. The coin created by Binance fell 11% on Sunday and 31% last week. Behind BNB is Polka (DOT), with a transaction price of more than $30 per DOT.
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Bearish outlook: Bitcoin sinks by an average of 25% in seven days, ADA shines in the storm
Bitstamp BTC/USD 4-hour candlestick chart on February 28, 2021
  • XRP has dropped to seventh place, today it is down 10%. The transaction price of each XRP is $0.39 per unit. The exchange price of Litecoin (LTC) was 155 USD coins, which fell more than 9% this weekend.

  • The stablecoin USDC managed by the crypto company Circle has ranked among the top ten in terms of total market capitalization in the crypto market. USDC is currently the eighth largest market value, with a circulating market value of US$8.97 billion.
  • Finally, Stellar (XLM) ranks tenth among the existing more than 8,000 crypto tokens. The current transaction price of a single XLM is $0.39 per unit. Interestingly, its value is roughly the same as XRP, because the Stellar network blockchain is designed in a similar way.

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