On Bitcoin.com, our team is dedicated to spreading the benefits of peer-to-peer electronic cash, and our flagship wallet proves the passion of our team. Bitcoin.com’s non-custodial crypto wallet has recently been upgraded and now provides a new payment link function that enables anyone to email even social applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Slack, Telegram and Instagram Send Bitcoin Cash.

Recently, Bitcoin.com wallet has added many new features in the latest 6.10.3 version. Bitcoin.com Wallet is a non-custodial Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) client. It also allows users to store SLP-based tethered USDT stablecoins and Simple Ledger Protocol tokens.

In the latest version of Bitcoin.com e-wallet, our software development team makes it easier to send transactions in several different ways. On November 24th, BCH supporters David Bond (@Hellodavidbond) posted a tweet about the new “Send Anywhere” feature of Bitcoin.com e-wallet.

“The Bitcoin.com wallet now allows you to send [bitcoin cash] The same way you share a link or meme.It’s great,” Bond Tweet.

Bitcoin.com Wallet adds shareable payment link function-send Bitcoin Cash to anyone via text, email and social media
After depositing $2 worth of Bitcoin Cash in the wallet, I only need to press the send button, and the client can select the “share link” function.

With the new “Send Anywhere” feature of Bitcoin.com wallet, sending BCH gifts during Christmas or Chinese New Year has never been easier. In order to take advantage of the new Send Anywhere feature, Bitcoin.com wallet users need to upgrade to the latest 6.10.3 client version.

After depositing some funds into the BCH wallet, just press “Send” to create and send a shareable link. In addition to sending to any BCH wallet by scanning the QR code or sending to one of its own BCH wallets, the client also provides an option called “shared link”.

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Bitcoin.com Wallet adds shareable payment link function-send Bitcoin Cash to anyone via text, email and social media
After selecting the sharing link function, I just click send all and continue, and then the wallet creates a URL link that can be shared with anyone and anywhere.

After pressing the “Share Link” tab, the wallet will direct you to the page where you enter the amount of Bitcoin Cash to be sent. In my test wallet with 2 USD of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), I just clicked “Send All” and then “Continue” to complete the transaction. After pressing “Continue”, the Bitcoin.com wallet will create a URL link containing Bitcoin Cash, which can be sent using almost any application on the network.

You can send the sharing link via SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, Telegram and any other location where you can share the link. Now, keep in mind that you may want to send the link privately instead of sharing it publicly, because anyone with access to the link can scan the funds.

Bitcoin.com wallet adds shareable payment link function-send Bitcoin Cash to anyone via text, email and social media
The wallet allows you to interact with various sending methods, whether it is sending on Telegram, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS text and other online web portals and messaging apps.

After creating my $2 BCH payment link, the Bitcoin.com wallet gave me the option to send it through the many apps on the device. Since this is just a test, I sent Bitcoin Cash to myself via SMS and immediately received the shareable link.

Bitcoin.com Wallet adds shareable payment link function-send Bitcoin Cash to anyone via text, email and social media
This is an example of a payment link I sent to myself through an experiment via SMS. In order for someone to use the funds, they only need to scan the QR code with the Bitcoin.com wallet. Of course, when I completed this test, the link shown in this screenshot was used.

Open my Bitcoin.com e-wallet version 6.10.3, I selected the small scan QR icon at the top right of the application, which is located next to the notification bell icon. I only scanned the QR code of the payment link, and immediately added my $2 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to my wallet.

Another cool thing about the Bitcoin.com wallet’s “send to anywhere” feature is that if the recipient does not deposit funds, the user can simply withdraw Bitcoin Cash at any time needed.

The latest wallet version still enables users to securely store a variety of crypto assets including BCH and BTC, provides investment portfolio details, the ability to hold stablecoins, and the ability to purchase and exchange coins within minutes. With our secure and super fast Bitcoin.com wallet, the latest “Send Anywhere” feature makes it extremely easy to send cryptocurrency to anyone around the world.

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What do you think of the latest Bitcoin.com e-wallet feature? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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