Room 77 of the bar restaurant in Germany has been closed. The room claims to be the first retail company in the world to accept Bitcoin payments. Cypherpunk Holdings chief economist Jon Matonis broke the news on Twitter. Bar owner Jorg Platzer subsequently confirmed this on Reddit.

Platzer said in a futuristic celebration article published on October 18: “Room 77 is closed forever. We think our mission has been completed and it is time to return to our planet. Thanks for all the fish and generous tips!”

There is no formal reason for the closure of the joint headquarters in Berlin. But some people suspect that this may be related to the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown restrictions related to Covid-19 have severely hit the global hotel industry.

In Berlin, the sale of alcohol is still strictly restricted, and bar operators are prohibited from selling the product from 11pm to 6am. These measures have severely affected profits.

Room 77 in Kreuzberg, Berlin, began accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method in 2011, becoming the world’s first bar and probably the first private retail store in the world to do so. Since then, drinking places have developed into places for Bitcoin pilgrims, places where they patronize Bitcoin payments, and so on.

“Before we did this (accepting BTC), all media reports about Bitcoin were about hackers stealing credit card details and selling them on the black market,” Platz emphasized in an interview in 2018. How the agency changed the media’s perception and coverage of Bitcoin. Top cryptocurrency.

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In the crypto community, people responded to the closure of Room 77 with fond memories of the past.

“The end of the era: Room 77 in Berlin is permanently closed!” Tweet Jon Matonis, chief economist of Cypherpunk Holdings. “Bear it to Covid or to gentrification. Either way, this Kreuzberg landmark has served as a puddle of Bitcoin for more than 10 years, and thousands of pilgrims Had to make a pilgrimage. Thanks, Joerg!”

Redditor @etrnetm said: “Thank you for providing the unofficial Bitcoin embassy in Berlin for our Earthlings. We will meet again.”

Platzer concluded in his Reddit post:

It is now clear that no one will stop Bitcoin. A robust currency on a global scale will soon make it infeasible to wage war and will establish economic equality among all mankind. We estimate that it will take you less than a century to rise and join the interstellar community.

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