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BigBasket data allegedly leaked on the dark web, claiming that the database contains detailed information on more than 20 million users

A few months after the online grocery delivery platform confirmed the data leak, the BigBasket database of more than 20 million customers is said to have been leaked on the dark web. The so-called database includes the email addresses, phone numbers and hashed passwords of affected customers. Allegedly, the data also contains the actual address and date of birth of BigBasket users. Although the databases that can be accessed for free on the dark web include encrypted user passwords, another hacker claims to have decrypted some of the leaked passwords.

A notorious hacker group named ShinyHunters has put the so-called BigBasket database on the dark Web. It includes detailed information such as email address, name, date of birth and phone number.

Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia told Advertisement Shout that the leaked database was related to the violation that BigBasket itself confirmed in November last year.

When confirming the data, the company said: “A few days ago, we learned of a potential data breach in BigBasket, and are negotiating with cybersecurity experts to assess the extent and authenticity of the claims,” cybersecurity intelligence company Cyble disclosed this. 1. Violation.

ShinyHunters made the alleged BigBasket database available for download on the dark Web over the weekend. It includes the hashed passwords of the affected customers. However, some plain text passwords are now also sold on the dark web.

Rajaharia said: “Another hacker claims to have decrypted millions of passwords related to BigBasket.” “This may cause serious problems for affected customers because bad actors will use decrypted passwords and leaked passwords. Email address to access his personal web account.”

Gadget 360 has contacted BigBasket to comment on the matter. This report will be updated after receiving the response.

At the same time, do I own a website? -Notify users about whether their data has been compromised by any recent violations-Email has been sent to inform some affected customers about the data leakage.

Founded in 2011, BigBasket is supported by China’s Alibaba and is one of the leading platforms for online grocery delivery. The pandemic helped the company expand its business and even attracted Tata Group, which agreed in February to acquire a majority stake in the company.

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