On Saturday, U.S. politicians approved a large-scale Covid-19 rescue plan worth $1.9 trillion, known as President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan.” The stimulus plan will make U.S. citizens whose annual income does not exceed $75k qualify for $1,400. In addition, for each dependent child, the family will receive an additional $1,400. Despite direct cash payments, Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” is also full of pork barrels that have nothing to do with the relief of the coronavirus.

The so-called “American Rescue Plan”

After members of the US Congress approved a $1.9 trillion rescue plan called the “American Rescue Plan,” Americans expect to conduct a third economic stimulus review in the near future. The 628-page bill is worth nearly 2 trillion U.S. dollars, which will be the largest cash payment ever received by a US citizen.

The bill’s page outlines that individual Americans with an annual income of $75,000 or less will receive a payment of $1,400. If an American couple earns $150,000 or less each year, they will get a check worth $2,800. In addition, American families will receive an additional $1,400 for each dependent child in their income tax return.

Biden’s $2 trillion rescue package is by far the largest stimulus payment plan, which plans to make the bureaucracy spend money

Estimates also show that all direct payments to American citizens and families are about 422 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, Biden’s “U.S. Relief Plan” also includes $246 billion for weekly unemployment benefits that last until August 29, 2021. The money will also be used to expand the plan, which can provide unemployment benefits for more people.

Families can also use “parenting tax credits” to get daycare refunds, which are estimated to cost approximately $143 billion. Another US$8 billion will be used to subsidize COBRA coverage, and US$45 billion will be used to expand subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

Ordinary citizens will get many other benefits from the third stimulus, such as the Nutrition Assistance Program, which can help Americans in need receive food assistance instead of school lunches. However, the stimulus measures of the US rescue plan also have a large amount of pork barrel funds, which will feed hungry politicians, because in the eyes of taxpayers, there is no doubt that these funds are completely unnecessary.

Billions of dollars will fund museums, bridges connecting Canada and New York, and environmental protection

The metaphor “pork barrel” is a term used for government expenditures that uses funds for localization projects and unfounded proposals to support specific areas of the bureaucracy. Pork is also known as a kind of government expenditure. It is completely wasted and has not been legalized by the American people. Usually, pork funds are flooded with huge bills, such as the last and last two stimulus plans. The third stimulus package is worth US$1.9 trillion and is no different from the last two stimulus packages because it is full of pork.

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Biden’s $2 trillion rescue package is by far the largest stimulus payment plan, which plans to make the bureaucracy spend money

For example, the $480 million grant will be used for museums (many of which are not open to the public) and Native American language protection. US$50 million will be earmarked for organizations similar to family planning because it will provide grants for family planning activities.

However, the stimulus bill does not mention which organization will receive family planning funding anywhere in the text of the bill. As the government plans to issue stimulus payments to transportation agencies, airport and aviation manufacturers, and rail operator Amtrak, transportation and infrastructure will receive $90 billion.

Americans are not satisfied with the transportation funds, because Amtrak will receive 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, and the company is said to still receive 1 billion U.S. dollars in unspent funds from the last relief bill. For some reason, American bureaucrats also believe that building a bridge between Canada and New York is a kind of Covid-19 relief.

Although the facts clearly have nothing to do with Covid-19, USD 1.5 million was sent to the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Company in the Great Lakes for the bridge project. Airlines can also freeze layoffs until September 2021, because airlines and contractors will receive approximately $12 billion in funding to help curb projected layoffs.

The Magical Pork Mountain in the “Covid-19” Relief Plan Provides Funds for the Rich

US$50 million will be used for environmental justice grants, which will be consistent with the President’s executive order to “respond to domestic and international climate crises.” According to the text of the bill, the funds will be allocated to the Environmental Protection Agency. The latest Covid-19 stimulus bill also bans USPS vape transportation for some reason.

The Twitter account is called “Oilfield Rando” Wrote a severe criticism In the latest stimulus bill, it states that it needs to “spend money to Americans.”Lando explained 300 million USD Committed to “Covid Animal Surveillance” and ” Cool billion Propaganda plan for “social disadvantaged farmers and ranchers”. ” [Agriculture] The secretary will spend on modern electronic services,” Rando notes. He added: “More people will use food stamps because we have to make the website more beautiful.”

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The Rando government plans to donate US$128 billion to the American Teachers’ Union, although most of them “refuse to reopen the school.” severe. Despite a large amount of unnecessary pork barrel spending, the mainstream media still praised Biden’s relief bill and actually declared that the president “spilled money on Americans.”

Biden’s $2 trillion rescue package is by far the largest stimulus payment plan, which plans to make the bureaucracy spend money

US$40 billion Rando will allocate US$91 million to universities in the United States to provide services to student loan borrowers both domestically and internationally. ” Say. US$100 million for the Educational Science Institute and 15 million USD Go to the Ministry of Education for domestic and international purposes.

Up to $135 million Provided 135 million U.S. dollars for the National Arts Foundation and 135 million U.S. dollars for the Humanities National Foundation. $200 million will be hand over To the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Lando laugh The $150 million will be remitted to MSHA, OSHA and all other federal regulatory agencies that crack down on U.S. business.

“[A] $15 billion in childcare and development grants. Wowza,” Rando detail. “US$4.5 billion is used to pay for electricity/gas bills for public housing. [It] Considering how high this administrator wants them to be, it may not be enough,” Twitter account Say.

The company will allocate US$852 million for national and community services. “They got hundreds of millions in the last bill?” Lando joked ask. “[$1 billion] Tell people that the vaccine will not turn them into lizard people. It’s incredible. A straightforward mess fund for PR companies,” Rando Say.

$500 million will be used upgrade The CDC’s public health surveillance capabilities. $250 million Strike team deployed to Covid Hospital $100 million Let the EPA address “the difference in health outcomes caused by pollution and the COVID pandemic.”

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Lando’s criticism carry on:

US$50 million for “Environmental Justice” and “Responding to the Climate Crisis” US$50 million for the Clean Air Act. Please play the drums, this is the rescue of the blue state… [$219.8 billion] For those states that are in trouble due to cumbersome lockdowns, absurd pension plans, and unreasonable government salaries.

Biden’s $2 trillion rescue package is by far the largest stimulus payment plan, which plans to make the bureaucracy spend money

about US$570 million Will be used for emergency federal employee leave, $77 million To the Government Accountability Office, $1.25 billion was given to closed venue operators. “Railway Relief Fund”, Lando Exclaim. “Northeast Corridor: US$820 million, national network: US$680 million, long-distance svc recovery: US$166 million, Choo chooooooooo!”

Another $30 billion will be used in grants from the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA). After Rando Rando compiled the 628-page “American Rescue Plan”, he ended the conversation and said:

[Washington] DC is straight garbage. Imma finished my wine and read some depressing things.

All the funds mentioned above are written in black and white, and all unnecessary spending plans will be implemented regardless of whether Americans like it or not. Because direct cash payments hang on a rope like a carrot, it seems that many Americans don’t care about the contents of these bills. Not to mention all the intergenerational debt and inflation that followed.

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