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Best Apple Arcade games of 2020

The best games of Apple Arcade may be difficult to find because there are so many to choose from. The platform is a subscription-based gaming service provided by Apple, which is a year old, but it is more powerful than ever. With more than 40 new games released on Apple Arcade itself in 2020, gaming services for iOS and Mac devices continue to easily justify the rupees. The monthly subscription fee of 99 is even bundled in rupees. There are 195 Apple One subscriptions per month, which also includes Apple Music, Apple TV+ and 50GB iCloud storage. For mobile gaming enthusiasts, an iOS device with Apple Arcade subscription is absolutely essential, because Apple will continue to add high-quality premium games to the list every month.

However, if you are looking for the best choice among the dozens of games available on the platform, this huge list can sometimes be confusing and even daunting. We played many games released on Apple Arcade this year. This is our list of the best Apple Arcade games of 2020, in no particular order.


Creaks comes from a game developer and is known for the high quality of its work. It will take you into a secret giant mansion that can enter the wall through the unnamed protagonist’s bedroom. Once you climb down the first ladder, you will fall into a world of weird furniture monsters, friendly birds and unforgettable soundtracks. Although it is a platform game, Creaks will solve puzzles and deceive monsters for you as you step through each stage and descend into the mansion.

Although the puzzle is simple from the beginning, and the initial monsters are easily deceived, the difficulty of the game gradually increases, but it is never prohibitive. Although not the most in-depth or technologically advanced game on Apple Arcade this year, Creaks is definitely the most addictive and engaging game you can find on the platform.

Beyond blue

Beyond Blue is easily the most graphically advanced game on Apple Arcade this year. As an environmentalist, you can enter the realistic underwater coral reef, be responsible for discovering the secrets of a specific coral reef, and record the various forms of marine life living in it. Although the main plot is simple, you can see various whales and fish up close, so each task is interesting and educational.

Beyond the Blue Apple Mall News 2

In terms of size and updates, this is a big game, and when we first played it earlier this year, it was a bit cumbersome. However, the family-friendliness, educational and sheer beauty of the game itself makes it one of our favorite games on Apple Arcade this year.

Little Orpheus

The simple nature of mobile games means that storytelling is often not enough, but Little Orpheus completely denies this trend in order to tell the most interesting stories we have seen in Apple Arcade games so far. This Soviet-themed game lets you manage an explorer who claims to have gone to the center of the earth and discovered all the hidden secrets, but there are always self-evident seeds for the real thing.

The core gameplay is a simple platform design. When you cross obstacles, race through various time trials, and explore incredible levels based on TV shows from the Cold War era. Sometimes it’s too simple and never really becomes too challenging, but just play this game for a compelling story.


Spyder’s comics are somewhere between comic books and children’s comics. The person in charge is a responsible robot spider who is responsible for completing the task of spying agencies. As we mentioned in the comments, Spyder is like a “60s Bond movie” starring Wall-E, and it is precisely because of this that we like it.

Although the controls are a bit clumsy, the graphics and gameplay can make up for its shortcomings, and have a good combination of problem solving and physics-based exploration. Although there are not too many levels, Spyder does attract you to complete each stage, which takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

Beyond the steel sky

A sequel of 26 years of production, “Sky Beyond Steel” is the follow-up product of the 1994 click adventure game “Under the Sky Steel”. Naturally, it has better visual effects and gameplay, and the story takes place 10 years after the first game. The world still involves a lot of pointing, clicking and dialogue, but the style and sheer depth of the game make it an impressive title for the Apple Arcade platform.

The game does feel like procrastination at times, and dialogue options often last longer than they should. However, the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk storyline makes this a fun game, playing for an hour or two at a time. The sheer details and depth of “Sky Beyond Steel” makes it a place on our list of top Apple Arcade games of 2020.

Let us know what your favorite Apple Arcade game is through the comments.

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