After the 20th season or C1S1 update earlier this week, Battlegrounds Mobile India players have been facing some problems. These problems are related to unicorn suits, login rewards, UC (in-game currency) purchases, etc. South Korean developer Krafton has acknowledged these problems and is working to resolve them. Battlegrounds Mobile India has become a very popular battle royale mobile game in its first week of launch on July 2nd, with more than 34 million players.

Earlier this week, Krafton released the first major content update of Battlegrounds Mobile India in version 1.5.0, and brought many new features and changes to the game. However, with the new changes, some complaints from players have also been noticed. These issues include players getting stuck on the loading screen while wearing a unicorn suit. Krafton is working hard to solve this problem and advise players not to equip this equipment until it is solved.

Another problem faced by Battlegrounds Mobile India players is that even though the 19th season has ended, the rewards for the “Bring on the Heat” event on the second day of login are still displayed as mission cards (S19). The developer has fixed this problem, and rewards are now displayed in the format of the new season mission card (M1). The person who encountered this problem has been compensated by the mission card (M1).

Some players encountered problems when purchasing the game currency “UC” in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and received the error message “UC was not collected intermittently after purchase”.Although there is no quick solution, Krafon has asked players to go to Set up > basic > customer service.

In addition, the developer listed more issues on their tracking page, including “Unable to collect rewards from daily special bundles intermittently” and “Move to the error page when using the supply medals received from the premium supply box” .

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These are the latest issues reported by Battlegrounds Mobile India players after the 1.5.0 update. Earlier, Krafton noticed some other problems, including the absence of the Super Smooth option in the graphics settings, the inability of players to adjust the Sprint button in the control settings, and the inability to continue the ongoing events through Mini Ray TV. The first two issues have been patched, but the developers are working on the remaining issues.

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