Krafton, the creator of Battlegrounds Mobile India, issued an official statement regarding recent data transfer issues. According to reports, the Battle Royale game sends users’ personal data to servers in China, including Tencent servers. After promising to cut ties with Tencent and invest more than US$100 million (approximately Rs 7.4 billion) in the country, PUBG Mobile was allowed to reinvigorate India as Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to reports, this data transmission problem to the Chinese server has been fixed after a small update.

Krafton stated that it fully understands recent concerns about data processing for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access test. The company stated that it attaches great importance to the concerns raised and has taken immediate concrete actions to resolve the issue. Krafton may be talking about automatic small updates, which reportedly led to the removal of Chinese servers from data sharing. Krafton also stated that user data will be shared with third parties to enable specific features in the game.

“Similar to other global mobile games and applications, Battlegrounds Mobile India also uses third-party solutions to provide unique game features. In the process of using these solutions, part of the game data is shared with third parties. Battlegrounds Mobile India The privacy policy fully discloses that the application may transfer some user data, but requires users to agree to the privacy policy and choose to migrate their accounts. The company stated in an official statement that it did not share any data in violation of the privacy policy.

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“Therefore, the data shared with third parties is only to enable certain game features. At the same time, Krafton will continue to closely monitor and protect any data transmitted to unexpected and restricted IP addresses before the official release,” Krafton added.

Battlegrounds Mobile India stated in its privacy policy that personal information will be stored and processed on servers located in India and Singapore, but it may transfer user data to other countries/regions to operate game services or meet legal requirements. The All India Chamber of Traders (CAIT) has sent a letter to the government requesting a ban and even asked Google to remove the app from the Play Store.

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