Battlegrounds Mobile India plans to get an update soon. The 1.6 update of the Battle Royale game has been teased by developer Krafton via an Instagram post that shows the top 10 new features that will be bundled with the update. In addition to new features, it is said that the update also makes some improvements to existing elements in the game. The release date of BGMI Update 1.6 is unclear, but it should come soon.

Krafton shared the 10 new features and improvements bundled with the Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 update via an Instagram post. There is a new flora threat model available for Erangel, Livik and Sanhok maps. The post also mentioned that “the flora threat model will be solely for surviving the invasion.” The new model will also get countless matrices, life barriers, and Dynahex replenishment functions. However, more details about them are unclear.

Krafton also added a “show route” option on the map and improved range adjustments. The developer also updated the basic settings of Battlegrounds Mobile India and added the “Capture the Wonderful Moment” function.

Finally, the Instagram post also mentioned that players will now receive unlimited ammo in the training ground. Battlegrounds Mobile India also added a new arena battle gun. Krafton also improved UAZ and bus durability in the game.

In other news related to Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and offering special permanent rewards to its players. Players can win new game costumes through newly launched missions. Ganesh Chaturthi’s celebrations and benefits are currently being carried out in the Battle Royale game and will end on September 21st.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, which was launched earlier this year as an alternative to PUBG Mobile India, has now been downloaded more than 50 million times.

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