“Battlefield 2042” is a first-person shooter game without a campaign mode. Battlefield, developed by Electronic Arts and DICE, has long been known for its single-player campaigns and 64-player halls. The version of the popular first-person shooter series completely discards these two factors that make it popular. As the name suggests, “Battlefield 2042” is set 100 years later in the next 100 years. The original “Battlefield 1942” made the series a blockbuster. Has “Battlefield Storm” found a new life, or is it destined to be recorded in the annals of history?

I played this game on Xbox One S. Here are my thoughts on Battlefield 2042. A lot of things happen in the game, but not everything is in its favor. Some parts are good, and some parts make you question EA Dice’s thinking when developing the battlefield game.

“Battlefield 2042” has three game modes: total war, dangerous zone and portal. The first two modes allow players to participate in the battle zone on seven maps distributed in various countries. These maps include:

  • Drip Located in Doha, Qatar
  • throw away Located in Aran, India
  • appear Located on Blarney Island, Singapore
  • kaleidoscope Located in Songdo, South Korea
  • track Located in Kuru, French Guiana
  • get rid of Located in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • Renew Located in the eastern desert of Egypt

Battlefield 2042 Total War Review

Let’s dive into the game in total war mode. 128 players were released in the vast map of “Battlefield 2042”, which was a total chaos. Players are called No-Pats, and they are basically mercenaries without borders, fighting for both sides of the war. The players are divided into two teams-Russia and the United States-their main goal is to occupy the map.

In “Battlefield 2042”, there are two sub-modes in the all-around warfare mode: conquer and breakthrough. In the conquest, the player must control various targets divided into sectors. Both teams started from one end of the map and worked their own way, capturing all targets. When I played Conquest, it was easy to capture the target closest to you at first, but the chaos in the lobby of 128 players meant you were constantly dying and reborn.

Battlefield 2042 allows players to use a small number of vehicles in battle
Image source: EA dice

Once all areas on the map are occupied, a team will win in Battlefield 2042. However, in the breakthrough, the team is divided into offense and defense. The latter is the majority in these departments, while the former strives to break through and defeat the defense. As the name suggests, All-Out Warfare witnessed constant firefights between teams, with players running around to capture targets or rescue fallen teammates.

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In my opinion, Total War is best for veterans in the field, because new players need time to master the physics and gameplay. The lack of a single player campaign mode in Battlefield 2042 does not really help. If players decide to play a single player or cooperative experience, they can indeed choose to play the “single player” mode. But this really does not help players get used to the gameplay, because they have now encountered as many as 127 AI “adversaries”, and chaos is still ensuing. It took me a few hours to get used to the gameplay, but there will be more later. Do you really need to make the hall enough for 128 people? Honestly, I’m not sure.

Battlefield 2042 loading

The configuration of “Battlefield 2042” is quite good, all 10 characters (called experts) have acquired their own specific skills. Experts such as Santiago’Dozer’ Espinoza, Kimble’Irish’ Graves and Maria Falck will help players stay alive through armor or medical kits. Other experts are more inclined to attack, repair or reconnaissance. However, the meaning of having an expert becomes a bit impractical, because any character can customize different equipment and unique skills that were once only used by experts.

But entering the battle, you will find that Battlefield 2042 is very good at weapon physics. The gun is handled very well, if it is held in the right hand, even the first shot will be cruel. But on the other hand, this ability can be frustrating for novices and relatively inexperienced players because they are constantly being shot from miles away, because the map is large, but the lack of cover is terrible. Many times, I was shot randomly just to get into the craze of battle from the rebirth location, either by a sniper hiding in a random corner, or by an opponent who climbed up unsuspectingly, because their footsteps could not be heard. .

Battlefield 2042: No time to live

There is no doubt that when players show up frequently, they tend to figure out the various tools they can use. For example, “Battlefield 2042” players can choose to spawn in one of the base or captured locations, in vehicles, or through special respawn locations hidden by their teammates. If the player’s generated location is far away from the action and there is no vehicle in sight, it is easy for the vehicle to fall to their location. Vehicle dropping is a great feature, because-I can’t stress this fact enough-the large map and lack of cover means it can be easily erased.

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batllefield 2042 batllefield_2042_discarded_map

“Battlefield 2042” maps all over the world
Image source: EA dice

One of the benefits of Battlefield 2042 is the “Plus” system, which allows players to modify their loading on the fly. With this, it is now easier than ever to switch the scope, muzzle, magazine and grip of the primary and secondary weapons in battle, making it easier to adapt to the changing landscape and scenes in the game.

Battlefield 2042 Danger Zone: A glitch in the matrix?

The second mode in Battlefield 2042 is the danger zone. To be honest, there seems to be something wrong in the game. Even after playing the game for more than 12 hours, neither I nor anyone on my team can really make the game connect us to the game. When trying to join the lobby, the game got stuck in some kind of loop. The players were added to the four-man squad, but they continued to leave. Even if the team is full, it will inevitably return to the main menu.

Hazard Zone has a 24-person lobby with 6 four-person teams. The goal of this mode in “Battlefield 2042” is to collect data drives and go to the meeting point for extraction. A team wins by collecting these data drives and extracting the data before the storm hits the map and destroys the area. I cannot really comment on the impact of the danger zone on me or my colleagues. Hope this is just an error and will be by the EA soon.

Battlefield 2042 portal review: draw your own canvas

Let us enter the final mode, there may be the desirability of Battlefield 2042-the portal. This mode allows players to be creative and how! Players can set all the rules or play the game in accordance with the rules set by other players. Portal also allows players to experience Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 on modern graphics and engines. In addition, players have the opportunity to use the 2042 Arsenal in 1942 and vice versa. Basically, EA wants to drive players crazy, maybe all these crazy things may make battlefield purists and novices attracted to the game for a long time.

Portal also has some sub-modes of its own, the most interesting of which is VIP Carnival. Here, each team has a VIP, and the opponent’s task is to find and eliminate the VIP. However, the VIP of each player is temporary, so if the team cooperates well, one team can easily rule the other side. In addition, every time a player respawns in the Battlefield 2042 portal, their loading will randomly change, which really adds to the fun of the game.

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Battlefield 2042 Portal Battlefield_2042_portal

The portal mode of Battlefield 2042 allows players to play and customize old remake games
Image source: EA dice

There are some things that bother me in Battlefield 2042. This is a lack of recognition of friends and enemies. Many times, when I thought I was aiming at an opponent, it turned out to be a teammate. When I was able to locate an enemy, I was suddenly reborn. After a while, you did master the trick of identifying the little red dot above your opponent, but when you found it, you had been killed by someone else.

Battlefield 2042 review ruling

By abandoning the campaign mode in Battlefield 2042, EA Dice makes the game more confusing and difficult for new players trying to enter the franchise. “Battlefield” veterans and hardcore (pun intended) fans will love it because it is faithful to the gameplay of the old game. The chaos in the 128-player lobby is not something I expect every time I start the game, I think it might be true for most players.

On the other hand, the portal is where Battlefield 2042 really shines. The incredible creation tools allow players to play freely and show the true strength of the new game engine. But what remains to be seen is how these levels of customization will help the game sustain in the future.


  • Portal is an interesting and powerful authoring tool
  • Keep the gameplay authentic
  • Smooth and clear graphics
  • After the remake, the old title shines


  • The 128-person hall creates chaos
  • Total war is too much for novices
  • The danger zone does not work (temporarily)
  • Experts don’t special

Rating (out of 10): 7

“Battlefield 2042” was released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X on November 19. It costs Rs. Origin, Steam and Epic Games (PC version) Rs 2,999. 3,999 and rupees on PS4 and Xbox One. PS5 and Xbox Series S/X are 4,499. You can also get Battlefield 2042 on your PC through the EA Play Pro subscription at a cost of Rs. 999 per month.