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B2Broker continues its efforts to provide a full range of technology and liquidity solutions – press release Bitcoin News

Press release. B2Broker is a technology, Liquidity provider With more than 165 employees worldwide, it provides services to clients in the crypto and foreign exchange (FX) industries. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has won some of the most well-known global clients in the financial services industry, and has so far more than 350 institutional clients.

The company has a good track record of releasing new products and updating products to meet its expanding customer base, and is now recognized as having the deepest multi-asset liquidity pool in the industry, bringing together multiple liquidity providers. In recent years, B2Broker has also made considerable progress after obtaining multiple licenses, which allows the company to operate within the prescribed jurisdiction. The company became the first regulated foreign exchange liquidity provider in Belarus after obtaining the NBRB license for B2B payment solutions and obtaining FCA AEMI approval to provide electronic payment services in the UK and Europe.

Core products and services

B2Broker provides a wide range of liquidity and technical solutions designed to meet the needs of all customers. Its core products are led by a dedicated team of engineers who provide breakthrough solutions for FX/Crypto/Securities brokers and spot/margin exchanges. These products include:

MetaTrader 4 and 5: The white label MetaTrader 4/5 is a ready-made solution that enables companies to start forex brokers, crypto brokers or multi-asset brokers as soon as possible. With a white label, there is no need to purchase a MetaTrader server license or participate in other aspects, such as hosting the server, organizing and maintaining a reliable backup system, building a global access server network or staff to configure and maintain the server structure 24/7. All these and more are included as part of the White Label MetaTrader 4/5 solution.

B2Trader: Matching engine It is essentially the core mechanism of digital trading, which matches bids and offers to execute transactions. B2Trader can process 10,000 requests per second with a processing time of 0.05 milliseconds, 24/7/365 works in parallel with the all-weather rhythm of the crypto market without interruption. B2Trader is used by many of the most famous exchanges in the world, MTF broker, stock exchange, market maker, spot foreign exchange brokeraAnd electromagnetic interference. Many of its features include a professional GUI that can meet all requirements from beginners to traders; various commission types that can meet a variety of financial and operational goals; and all the latest security features, such as anti-restriction systems, anti-fraud Protection and DDoS protection, a complex back office is responsible for all the operation options that need to be performed for daily exchanges and the combination of API access and external integration. All this ensures that B2Broker provides a matching engine with the best performance and functionality, and provides the best execution for all market participants.

B2Margin: Encrypted margin trading provides brokers with many huge advantages and provides more trading opportunities. B2Margin is the recently launched White Label Margin Exchange trading platform designed to meet this new trend. B2Margin includes a wide range of functions such as onboarding, compliance, risk management, pricing and transaction analysis. B2Margin provides traders with the opportunity to use leverage to facilitate transactions. It is designed for institutional and retail customers and supports multiple asset classes, such as foreign exchange, metals, indices, energy, stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency CFDs and spot /Cash cryptocurrency, the upcoming futures cryptocurrency. Brokers are now able to provide customers with two solutions-leveraged trading or cash trading for all asset classes listed.

B2Core: B2Core is a new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, administrators and IB partners in one place. B2 core Bring a package-based solution to the market, which contains a variety of functions, and can provide customers with innovative and unique customized services. B2 core Deal with things like Organize the work of foreign exchange brokers and crypto exchanges, provide back-end services for employees and administrators, provide front-end services for traders, verify and register customers, and provide a wide range of payment functions.


B2Broker continues to strive to provide a full range of technical and liquidity solutions, all of which can be tailored to individual needs. When customers choose B2Broker, they know that as a leading provider of technology and liquidity solutions, the company can provide them with what they need, can use more than 800 trading tools, 7 asset classes, and the lowest commissions in the industry And 24/7 technical support.

Overall, as a technology provider, B2Broker continues Focus on product development to provide the best and most advanced solutions in the industry.The company also expects to announce new versions and major updates of its B2Core and B2BinPay products in the third quarter of 2021 to help achieve Overall, the company’s position as a global leader has been strengthened.

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