The postponement of the Asian Games is a huge disappointment for a small number of athletes, but it also removes the of National Sports Federations (NSFs), who were forced to identify different teams for the Asian Games, Brimmingham Commonwealth Games and world events. The Continental Sports Exhibition, originally scheduled to take place in Hangzhou from September 10 to 25, was postponed on Friday as the pandemic situation in China worsened and cases of the omicron variant surged. NSFs such as Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), Hockey Association of India and Archery Association of India (AAI) are gearing up to field their best teams at CWG and World Championships in their respective sports.

As the gap between the CWG (July 28-August 8) and the Asian Games (before the postponement) is just over a month, the sports federations have decided to send their teams to the two major events, and to take part in the World Games. lined up in a row. season.

This is because requiring athletes to compete in back-to-back global events is very onerous for them. It’s not ideal, either physically or mentally, for athletes competing in such tough competitions.

Since the Asian Games are also Olympic events for sports such as hockey (men’s and women’s) and tennis (men’s and women’s singles), the federation plans to send strong teams to Hangzhou and its “A” team to CWG.

The Wrestling and Archery Federation also plans to have their second-best athlete compete in world events scheduled for that year, while the best will compete in the CWG and the Asian Games.

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However, now that one big event is over, the NSF has drawn up new plans.


The WFI will send its second-best wrestler to the Serbian World Championships (September 10-18) and its top wrestlers to the CWG and the Asian Games, as this year’s world event is not an Olympic event.

However, the WFI has now decided to field the best wrestlers in all three major events and will select teams through trials.

“We will have new trials in six Olympic categories for the Asian Games. Once we know the dates, we will make a decision accordingly. Earlier, we had decided that we would field in the most recent trials (CWG and Asian Games) The second-placed wrestler in the World Championships, but now we will select Indian teams in all 10 categories based on the new trial,” WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar told PTI.

“Furthermore, for the upcoming UWW Ranking Series, we will allow medalists from the Mongolian Asian Championships to compete. We do not have a category for medals and the WFI will decide which wrestlers will compete as there will be no tryouts for UWW events,” he added.

According to the UWW calendar, three ranking series will be scheduled ahead of the World Championships in Kazakhstan (June 2-5), Rome (June 22-25) and Tunisia (July 14-17).


Hockey India has decided to field the ‘A’ team among the best players in the CWG and Hangzhou Asian Games as Olympic berths will be threatened in both the men’s and women’s competitions at the Asian Games. The winner will receive the right to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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It is now considering the integration of youth and experience at CWG Birmingham.

“Now that the Asian Games have been postponed, the main players can consider participating in the CWG, but it depends on the upcoming deliberation of the staff,” said a senior HI official who did not want to be named.

“In the CWG squad, there may be a mix of young and experienced players.”


India’s top archers, including Atanu Das, Kumari and Jyoti Suleika, were shockingly excluded from the Indian squad for the Asian Games. Atanu lost to Pravin Jadhav in Sonepat’s trial.

The top four archers have been selected for the Asian Games and events in Antalya (April 17-24), Gwangju (May 16-22) and Paris (June 21-26). The first three stages of the World Cup.

The next best (5th-8th) were selected for the fourth stage of the Medellin World Cup (July 18-24).

However, the Archery Association may now change its plans.

“It’s good news for us, it gives us more time to prepare.

Some of our top archers the cut, so they’ll get another chance.

“Now we can change the original plan and provide opportunities for incoming youngsters in the upcoming World Cup. Our core committee meeting will take a decision on this in a few days,” said Pramod Chandurkar, secretary general of the AAI.

Athletics and Badminton

India’s head coach of track and field Radhakrishnan Nair said they have bigger goals in mind and are focused on preparing athletes for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

He hinted that the training schedule will change.

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“We always have a long-term training program. We even started the training program for the 2024 Paris Olympics from mid-October last year. These Asian Games and the CWG are the cornerstones (of the Olympics). But with the Asian Games coming, there will be Some changes are delayed,” Nair told PTI.


For track and field athletes, the postponement must be a relief, as they can take one less game and breathe easier in their busy schedules. Right now they can only focus on the World Championships in Eugene, USA (July 15-24) and CWG Birmingham.

Similarly, Badminton Association of India (BAI) secretary Sanjay Mishra said: “Of course, the performance of the players has to be re-evaluated. So we will try to find a window to try out again.” (From Tapan Mohanta, Philem Dipak Singh, SS Choudhury and Amit Kumar Das).

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