Zack Snyder’s zombie robbery movie “Army of the Dead” is Netflix’s largest title in the second quarter of 2021 (from April to June), before the movie’s release. In 28 days, more than 75 million Netflix member families watched the movie. The TV series “Father’s Love” led by Kevin Hart followed closely with an estimated 74 million viewers. In the series, Robert Downey Jr. produced the DC comics adaptation “Sweet Tooth” that attracted 60 million viewers in the first four weeks after its premiere, while Grishaverse adapted Shadow and Bone with 55 million Netflix Membership ranks second.

The second season of French mystery thriller led by Omar Sy Lupin Netflix attracted 54 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2021, a sharp drop from the record 76 million households in the first quarter of 2021.However, 54 million is enough to make Lupin: Part Deux is Netflix’s largest non-English game last quarter. Other non-English episodes that made waves on Netflix in the second quarter of 2021 include the Spanish teenage thriller “Elite” season 4 (37 million) and the Mexican thriller “Who Killed Sara?” Season 2 (34 million).

The second quarter of 2021 also achieved Netflix’s biggest animation film success to date, thanks to “Mitchell and the Machine”, which was discovered by 53 million members in the first 28 days. This allowed the department without a script to attract 29 million Netflix members within four weeks after the release of Season 2, while The Circle reached 14 million in Season 2.

Of course, the most important thing about Netflix’s ratings data is that it is based on a very relaxed method. Netflix counts watching a two-minute TV show or movie as one viewing, which is different from previous members who had to watch 70% of the movie or series to be counted. This means that Netflix’s rating value is not high. After all, who didn’t give up something after grabbing the first few minutes? If you play for half an hour in an eight-episode one-hour series, have you really “watched” the series? Netflix seems to think so.

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However, the number of games in the second quarter of 2021 is not close to Netflix’s historical best level. In the film department, the action film Extraction led by Chris Hemsworth (99 million), the horror thriller Bird Box (89 million) led by Sandra Bullock, and Mark Wahlberg’s Spencer Secrets (85 million) to lead.As for the script series, Bridgerton (82 million) of Shondaland in the Regency era set a new record in January, followed by the above Lupin The box office of the first season and “The Witcher” was 76 million.

As always, Netflix will try to extract more juice from effective attributes. The Death Army will shoot the prequel movie “Army of Thieves” in the fourth quarter of 2021. It stated in its quarterly letter to shareholders that the spin-off animation series “Army of Death: The Lost Vegas” will be released in 2022. It’s too hot to deal with the expiration of the localized version, first it was “Too Hot to Deal with: Brazil” in late July, and then “Too Hot to Deal with: Latino” in September.