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Army of the Dead 2 confirmed with Zach Schneider to be broadcast on Netflix, but it was not confirmed until Rebel Moon

Undead Army 2 has been confirmed-but it will not appear for a while. Zach Schneider will return to the director and write a sequel to “Dead Army” with co-author Shay Harten of the first chapter, but only if he completes “Star Wars” and the science fiction inspired by Akira Kurosawa Adventure movie “The Moon of Rebellion”. It will be produced in early 2022. These two games-“Dead Army 2” and “Rebellious Moon”-were reached on Netflix by Snyder, his wife and producer partner Deborah Snyder, and executive Wesley Kohler Part of a new premiere movie deal. Together they run the production company The Stone Quarry Productions.

The Hollywood Reporter brought news of Snyder’s new expansion deal with Netflix, which was confirmed directly from the horse mouth. Deborah said: “It is very important for us to find a partnership based on mutual respect. When everyone trusts each other, the creative process can work best, and you can seize opportunities and be creative. For us Generally speaking, we don’t act cautiously. The content we produce is a bit avant-garde. I think it’s important to build good partnerships and listen to each other’s opinions. Netflix gives us a lot of freedom. But they also accept the opportunity to try new things. Ideas without having to wait for success before moving on.”

Comment: Snyder’s zombie movie, the army of the undead, needs a bullet to hit the brain

The Undead Army is already on its way to become a franchise. A prequel movie “Army of Thieves” (centered on Dieter from Matthias Schwehofer’s “Army of the Dead”) will be released on Netflix later in 2021. There is also an animation spin-off series “Death Army: Lost Vegas”, the main actors of Dead immediately after “Robbers Army” before the movie event. Snyder will direct the episode of “Army of the Dead: The Lost Vegas”, which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in early 2022. The streaming service will also take this approach to Rebel Moon, and sequels and series are already planned.

It seems too early, but Netflix’s confidence in Snyder seems to have paid off. Netflix revealed that “Army of the Dead” attracted 75 million member families in the first 28 days after its release in May.This makes “Army of the Dead” one of the top ten movies in Netflix history, following Chris Hemsworth’s “Extraction” (99 million) and Sandra Bullock’s “Bird Box” (89 million) , Mark Wahlberg’s “Spencer Confidential” (85 million), after 6 films led by Ryan Reynolds (83 million), Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery (83 million), Charlize Theron’s old guard (78 million), led by Millie Bobby Brown Enola Holmes (76 million), and Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (75 million) in Project Power.

Zach Snyder says the “crazy” idea of ​​Army of the Dead 2 is ready

“I have known Zac and Deb for many years, and I am very fortunate to be part of his first film “Dawn of Death,”” Netflix film director Scott Stubb said in a prepared statement. “Since then, I have been fortunate to witness his career development and the impact of his continuous development of work. Seeing him return to his roots through “Army of the Dead” (now one of our most popular movies), And to build a world with these characters in the upcoming “Army of Thieves” and anime series, it’s great. We have created everything in the future with everyone from Zack, Deb, Wes, and Stone Quarry. We just touched the surface. .”

Prior to the deal with Netflix, The Stone Quarry was previously established in Warner Bros., where Snyder delivered the 2007 Action Epic 300 and the 2009 Superhero Movie warder, 2010 animation fantasy “Legend of the Guardians: Ga’Hoole’s Owl”, 2011 fantasy action film Sucker Punch, 2013 Superman movie “Man of Steel”, 2016 follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, And the 2017 mashup-up Justice League, Earlier this year became the Justice League Snyder Cut for HBO Max. As part of the deal, Snyder also produced 300: The Rise of an Empire, Wonder Woman, NeptuneAnd Wonder Woman 1984.

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