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Apple’s smaller competitors unite to crack down on iPhone App Store rules

Spotify and the manufacturers of Fortnite and Tinder are competing with Apple and Google as part of a newly formed alliance that calls for “fair treatment” in the way technology giants operate their app stores.

The Washington-based non-profit organization App Fairness Alliance was launched on Thursday and will advocate for changes in laws and regulations, such as measures that may prevent Apple and Google from favoring their own apps in the iPhone and Android operating systems they control. The aggressive actions of smaller competitors have increased the scrutiny of the tech giants facing US and European regulators and lawmakers.

Horacio Gutierrez, Head of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer of Music Stream Pioneer, stated that the organization aims to be “the voice of app and game developers, to protect consumer choice and create a level playing field for all.” Spotify.

Apple is the main target of the group, although Google’s app store policy has also received attention. After game developers developed a direct payment plan that bypassed their platforms, both companies removed the popular game “Fortress Night” from their app stores this summer.

Both Apple and Google cut 30% from in-app revenue purchases, which has been a pain point for developers.

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, filed a lawsuit against its company for anti-competitive behavior and responded to this. Epic is working with Spotify, online dating app maker Match Group and other members including Tile, Basecamp, ProtonMail and the European Media Industry Association to support the new alliance.

In addition to the app store, Big Tech is also facing new scrutiny from antitrust regulators. As the Trump administration takes antitrust actions against search giant Google, it is enlisting the support of compassionate state attorneys across the country.

Since the groundbreaking lawsuit against Microsoft about 20 years ago, the US Department of Justice predicts that the lawsuit against Google may be the government’s biggest legal offensive to protect competition.

Lawmakers and consumer advocates accused Google of abusing its dominance in online search and advertising to stifle competition and increase profits.

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