In the past, Apple’s App Store has been criticized many times for hosting scam apps, which have gone through the company’s strict censorship process. The latest app launched is Jungle Runner 2K21, which is a seemingly simple platform game for children 4 years and older, but it is actually an online casino, which was discovered by a prolific app developer . The developer shared his findings on Twitter on April 15, and the Jungle Runner 2K21 game has since been deleted from the App Store.

Application developer Kosta Eleftheriou created the Apple Watch keyboard application FlickType. He found an online casino application disguised as a children’s game called Jungle Runner 2K21 on the App Store. On the surface, it appears to be a regular platform game for children 4 years and older, with matching icons and instructions. However, when the application is opened with a VPN connected to Turkey, it opens as an online casino, which is shared by Eleftheriou on Twitter.

The developer also pointed out that the app does not use Apple’s in-app purchase (IAP). Instead, they accept payments through the app through MasterCard, Visa, Papara, and multiple cryptocurrencies. Through a series of tweets, Eleftheriou pointed out that the app has been active on the App Store for several months. Some reviews of the app pointed out that people paid large fees and wanted the promised bonus, but they never received the bonus they deserved.

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The Verge reports that Colin Malachi, the developer behind Jungle Runner 2K21, has another app called Magical Forest – Puzzle, which is the same and is at the forefront of gambling. In addition, according to a report by Daring Fireball, the developers of Jungle Runner 2K21 are displaying the casino website in a web view through the game, but are not actually running an online casino. When people sign up using his embedded membership code, he does collect bonuses. When using VPN in other countries or in that country, this app will display different local casinos.

This is not the first time Eleftheriou has discovered a scam on the App Store.Earlier this year, developers spot The application developed by another developer named Dragon Game Studio is a scam, which is characterized by high positive reviews and extremely negative reviews. At the time, Apple told The Verge that it “has strict rules on applications and developers who try to deceive the system.” It pointed out that by 2020, more than 500,000 developer accounts have been terminated due to fraud, and more than 60 million user comments considered spam have been removed from the App Store.

Eleftheriou Also found Several keyboard apps that use fake reviews and fake ratings to gain popularity and require subscription fees without giving any explanation. All these applications have been removed from the App Store.Since then, developers have understood Many such applications Unfairly take advantage of App Store users.

Obviously, scammers are using users’ trust in the App Store to push their applications and use illegal methods to promote them. This is Apple’s responsibility, because Apple claims that it has a strict and powerful review process, and experts can review each application. Apple says in its current App Store app review policy: “If you try to deceive the system (for example, through deceptive review processes, stealing user data, copying the work of other developers, manipulating ratings or App Store findings), you The app will be removed from the store and you will be expelled from the developer program.”

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It should be noted that Apple allows real money casino games to be used in the store, as long as they have “the necessary licenses and permissions in the location where the application is used”. These apps “must be restricted to the geographic location of these locations and must be available for free on the App Store.” It also stated: “We will reject apps that contain any content or behavior that we consider to be out of scope. Which line do you ask? Well, as the Supreme Court justice once said: “I will know as soon as I see it.” And we think that when you cross it, you will also know.” So, like Jungle Runner 2K21, disguise Online casino applications that become children’s games are definitely “online”.

Advertisement Shout has contacted Apple for comment. This report will be updated after receiving the response.

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