If application developers want to distribute the application through the App Store, they must provide users with a way to delete the application. Cupertino stated in a note to developers that this change will take effect for all application submissions starting on January 31, 2022. The requirement to allow users to delete the accounts they created in the app was originally announced as part of an updated developer guide published by Apple on WWDC 2021 in June.

By instructing third-party developers to provide a way to delete accounts created by users in their apps, can indeed make it easier to abandon specific apps or services altogether. However, as The Verge pointed out, the update requires developers to “start deleting” user accounts “from within the app.” This shows that developers can direct users to surveys or web pages where they can provide alternatives instead of allowing deletion at first glance.

has allowed users to cancel subscriptions directly from the App Store so that they can easily exit the service. In addition to this feature, an account deletion guide will also be provided.

In addition to allowing the direction of account deletion, has also introduced a “report a problem” link that can be used on the app page on the App Store to allow users to quickly report problems with the content they purchased or downloaded. The new link is part of the App Store page on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, and will be available on macOS Monterey. The company said it will initially be available to users in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, and will expand to other regions over time.

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earlier provided a “Report a Problem” link at the bottom of the Apps and Games tab in the App Store.it is spot As part of the iOS 15 app page earlier this week.

In addition to expanding the “Report a Problem” link, has also updated its application reporting portal, allowing users to choose from the “Report Fraud or Fraud” and “Report Offensive, Abusive, or Illegal Content” options, and report their problem. Apps, including free apps that do not offer in-app purchases.

“Apple’s App Review, Discovery Fraud and Live Moderation and Financial Fraud teams will reported fraud, manipulation, abuse, and other signs of violations of App Store review guidelines, and will contact developers to resolve the issue,” the company said.

The changes to the application reporting portal apply to users worldwide.

At the end of last month, enabled users to rate and comment on pre-loaded iOS applications through the App Store. It has also recently been forced to start allowing developers to enable in-app purchases through alternative payment systems—a partial loss in the case of Fortnite creator Epic Games and other app makers.

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