Apple will now allow users to embed Podcasts from Apple Podcasts on the Web. Creators, listeners and marketers can generate embed codes for any segment of podcasts available on the platform. The embedded code can be generated from the Apple Podcasts Marketing tool website or the Apple Podcast Preview page on the Web. It is an adaptive player, and its width will automatically expand to fit mobile and desktop layouts.

The Apple Podcast player can display a single episode or a show that contains multiple episodes. The embedded player will make it easier to find and listen to articles and podcasts in the site-users can listen to podcasts without leaving the page. The player has navigation options and playback controls, which can play/pause, rewind 15 seconds and fast forward 30 seconds. The available timeline bar will help users jump through sections.

To generate Apple Podcast codes, please visit the Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools page. Type the name of the podcast or specific episode in your search bar.Select the show or episode you want to embed from the options, then click copy Link Option or Copy embed Podcast player box near. You can start listening to a podcast directly from the embedded podcast without leaving the page. This is an example of an embedded appearance.

The embedded height and width are visible on the podcast player. There is also an option to create short links.Such as Tweet Proposed by Apple Podcast representative Zach Kahn, you can also click the share icon in the upper right corner of the web preview page and click the embed symbol on the left.

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Music and podcast streaming service Spotify has been providing embeds for its shows and episodes for several years, and it seems that Apple may eventually catch up.

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