Apple Music Replay 2021 playlists are now available to subscribers on the app and website. The playlist ranks your most listened songs from 1 to 100. The AppleMusic Replay 2021 playlist will be automatically updated on every Sunday according to the songs you listen to the most. Although the playlist is similar to Spotify Wrapped, the functions of Apple Music Replay 2021 are slightly different. Apple also announced the 2020 annual Apple Music Top 100 rankings in December.

The Apple Music Replay 2021 playlist (unique to each subscriber) can be found at the bottom. Listen to tags now In the Apple Music app. The playlist can also be accessed through Apple Music for Web. The web version of Replay 2021 comes with more data, including the most streamed artists and albums. If you visit Apple Music Replay 2021 through the website, you can also get data on the detailed number of times of play and listening time.

Similar to last year’s Apple Replay playlist, Apple Music Replay 2021 will be updated every Sunday. The ranking on the list will constantly fluctuate based on the music you listen to on Apple Music. As the year approaches, you will get an overall list of the most listened songs in 2021.

Apple Music Replay seems to be Apple’s Spotify Wrapped version. But the functions of the two playlists are quite different. Unlike Apple Replay 2021, Spotify Wrapped does not track the songs you listen to throughout the year. It only publishes an annual analysis of your listening trends every December, as well as fashion infographics that you can share with social media followers. Apple has yet to announce a year-end summary that Apple music fans can share on social media.

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In December 2020, Apple released the Apple Music Top 100 list. Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” was named the best song in the world in 2020. Listeners have spent more than 246,000 hours watching the lyrics of this song, and they are ranked according to the time spent.

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