Apple Maps is getting a new update that will allow users to report accidents, hazards, and speed checks while navigating to a destination. Currently, the new update is limited to the latest iOS 14.5 beta version, although Apple is expected to release it with the next public iOS version in the next few days. This new feature looks very similar to the incident reports available on Google Maps and Waze. Apple Maps users can also use Siri to report events to Apple Maps via voice.

A MacRumors report said that the updated Apple Maps app on iOS 14.5 Beta has the function of reporting incidents, including accident, hazard and speed checks.a new one report Function buttons appear next to existing buttons Add stop, Share ETA, detailwith Audio Options. By pressing this button, the user can select the type of incident or hazard to be reported.

You can also use Siri to report events. This means you can just say “Hey Siri! There was an accident on the road”.

Apple Maps may use a certain number of reports to reflect all user events. This is similar to how Google Maps or Waze allows users to report incidents.

The MacRumors report said that in addition to iOS devices, incident reports also apply to the CarPlay system. However, this feature may only be initially tested with a limited capacity in the United States, because not all users of the iOS 14.5 beta will be able to find the feature on their devices.

However, despite this, Apple Maps is likely to add event reports to a wider audience through the public release of iOS 14.5. Apple is expected to provide incident reports to all major markets over time.

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Waze initially provided incident reports through crowdsourced user reports on accidents, hazards, and speed checks. However, due to the Waze acquisition, Google Maps introduced the same experience in March 2019.

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