Tim Cook has been with Apple for 23 years and has served as Apple’s chief executive officer for nearly a decade, but his use of new podcast shows suggests that some kind of eventual change may occur.

“I feel good now. This date is still far away.” The 60-year-old said in the “Swing” podcast of The New York Times on Monday. “But another ten years is a long time, maybe another ten years will not work.”

The interview covered a wide range of topics, including the controversial Parler social media app (blocked by Apple earlier this year), Apple TV+ and self-driving cars. When asked about Elon Musk’s attempts to negotiate the possibility of selling Tesla to Apple, Cook said that he had never talked with Musk, but he had a lot of opinions about the company he had built. Expressed “great admiration and respect.”

Cook said: “I think Tesla has not only established a leading position in the field of electric vehicles, but also maintained it for such a long time, and it has done incredible.” Cook did not disclose many of Apple’s plans for this field. Said with clues. “We will see what Apple is doing. We have investigated a lot of things internally. Many of them have never seen the light. I am not saying that they will not.”

Other topics covered include:

When removing Parler from the App Store:

“In some ways, it was a simple decision because they did not follow the App Store guidelines. You cannot incite violence or allow others to incite violence. You cannot allow hate speech and so on. They have changed from moderation to inability control.”

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“I hope they will come again. Because we work hard to keep people in the store instead of letting people leave the store. Therefore, I hope they can put back the gentleness that needs to be placed in the store, because I think there are more social networks. It’s better than having fewer social networks.”

On social media and the attack on the Capitol:

“I think expanding social media is something I am deeply worried about. The targeting tool can be the same as the target tool used for advertising, or it can be used for misinformation purposes or extremist purposes. Therefore, I am deeply concerned about this.”

“This is one of the darkest days in our history. It played a role in front of all of us. I think it’s more like a movie or something. It’s unreal and it can’t happen in the United States. Therefore, I hope to be able to conduct an in-depth inspection.”

About “Uninterrupted Data”:

“I’m shocked by this. So we got some information similar to privacy nutrition labels. I agree that the privacy policy has become these multi-page content, people just say blindly so they can go to the next screen and continue Moving forward. Privacy nutrition labels, like nutrition labels on food, are clear at a glance and can provide you with some key information. Over time, we will improve this.”

On the epic game:

“This is to comply with App Store rules and guidelines. They have been doing this for many years, and then apparently decided not to follow these rules, but passed certain things through the app review, and then after the app review Changes were made on the server side. So this is a deceptive move. So we are going to court. We are going to tell our story. We will discuss the privacy and security aspects of the store. We are confident in this case. “

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On Apple TV+:

“We are making a major investment in Apple TV+.”

“For the same reasons as products, we want to do the best, not the most. Therefore, in the TV + field, we only focus on Apple’s original products.”

“We are doing our best. This is not a hobby. This is not your specialization. Because this is the original focus, we will not immediately have a catalog of 500 items. We will build it over time.”

When voting:

“I think we may be wrong about voting rights. We should talk about using technology. How can we increase our voting participation to 100 so simply? Or is it really close to 100. Maybe we are entering the 90s or so. This is incredible.”

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