Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday that he believes the recent increase in fires, hurricanes and floods is strong evidence that climate change is real.

In a conversation published in the online event of The Atlantic, Cook said that the disaster should affect evidence that denies science, which shows that greenhouse gases are dangerously changing climate patterns.

Cook believes that wildfires raging on the west coast of the United States, hurricanes sweeping the south, and floods in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions are strong reasons to deal with climate change.

Cook said: “I believe all these commonalities will convince people who currently do not believe in climate change.”

Last week, he recorded a remote interview with Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg. At that time, the smoke caused by California wildfires turned day and night, and the soot fell like snow in some places.

Cook said: “This is terrible.”

“This is a reminder that how serious climate change is is at stake.”

Cook declined to answer whether he was lucky enough to persuade US President Donald Trump to say that climate change is real in any of their conversations, and he said these exchanges are private.

Cook said: “I don’t want to talk about it in detail, but if you support it, my whole philosophy is professionalism.”

“I think participation is more important when you disagree with something.”

Trump hinted that at the briefing held with local officials in California last week, global warming will reverse the situation and eliminate the cause of climate change, which is the cause of a violent fire that has swept across the West Coast.

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The president flew to Sacramento in central California during a re-election campaign. He overthrew opposition to national leaders who said climate change was the root cause of the growing fire.

When arriving at McClellan Park near Sacramento, Trump reiterated his argument that wildfires are not easily burned due to insufficient maintenance of forest areas.

However, at the briefing, California Governor Gavin Newsom (Democrat) retorted that the fire was mainly caused by global warming.

Trump insisted to Wade Crowfoot, director of the California Bureau of Natural Resources: “It will start to get cool. You just need to pay attention.”

The official replied: “I hope science agrees with you.”

Trump said: “Actually, I don’t think science knows.”

This is Trump’s first visit to California since the devastating fire began in California and Washington and Oregon.

Democracy challenger Joe Biden called Trump a “climate arsonist” whose policies have contributed to natural disasters.

Microscope is worth

The head of Apple also said that he hoped he would not have to worry about any form of monopoly power when he testified to the House of Representatives investigating market dominance panel in July.

At high-risk antitrust hearings, executives of large technology companies faced criticism from US lawmakers, which may lay the foundation for strengthening the supervision of major Internet platforms.

CEO Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and Google’s Sundar Pichai were grilled for more than five hours in an unprecedented video format.

Cook said: “There is no problem with putting the apple under the microscope.”

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“My hope is that as people hear our stories, and as they continue to hear our stories, our understanding of them will be as obvious as we are to us.

When asked about his response to Covid-19, Cook responded diplomatically. He said the virus “shocked the world” and described Apple’s efforts to help masks and other areas.

He said that due to the pandemic, about 85% of Apple employees are working remotely, and it is not clear when they will be able to return to the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

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