PlayStation Plus subscribers can get three free games in February. Control: The ultimate version, Concrete Genie and Destruction AllStars will start downloading on February 2. As Sony launches more free exclusive products for its newly launched PlayStation 5 console, Control: Ultimate Edition and Destruction AllStars will be provided with the following versions: next-generation upgrades. In the PS Plus free game lineup next month, Concrete Genie is the only PlayStation 4 exclusive game. It should be noted that “Destroy All Stars” is unique to PS5, and “Control: Ultimate Edition” will be available for PS5 and PS4 owners to download.

Sony announced a lineup of free games on its PlayStation blog. Although “Control: Ultimate Edition” and “Concrete Wizard” will be available for download before March 1, “Destroy All Stars” will continue to be available until April 5.

Control: Ultimate Edition

Control is developed by Max Payne and Alan Wake series manufacturer Remedy Entertainment. In 2019, it won IGN’s Game of the Year and received extremely high reviews. . The game manages to strike a good balance between its heavy-duty gameplay and supernatural storyline, providing gamers with unforgettable moments of matching guns and kinetic superpowers to deal with a large number of bad guys. The next-generation version of Control: Ultimate Edition promises ray tracing in 30fps graphics mode and 60fps performance mode. In addition to the basic game, Control: Ultimate Edition also includes two expansions (The Foundation and AWE), as well as the Expeditions final game mode, photo mode, and all updates released since the game was released.

If you have not subscribed to PS Plus, you can purchase Control: Ultimate Edition for Rs. US$3,330 / US$39.99, available through the PlayStation Store.

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Concrete Wizard

The only PS4 exclusive game title this month, “Concrete Wizard” is an action-adventure single player title with amazing visual effects. It revolves around a young boy named Ash, who likes to doodling in his notebook. When a group of bullies steal the book and spread its ripped pages in the fictional city of Danska, Ash begins an adventure to find the pages. When Ash discovers that a magical paintbrush can bring his work to life, things become interesting. The boring Denska slowly turned into a beautiful landscape, which brought jaw-dropping visual moments.

The price of Concrete Genie is Rs. US$1,999 / US$29.99, available for purchase through the PlayStation Store.

Destroy All Stars

The high-octane car fighting game was originally planned to be released as a PlayStation 5 release game in November, but it will eventually become a reality on February 2. In a battle royale environment, Destruction AllStars pits among 16 players (aka AllStars). In the arena, they must try to use their own super-powered cars to drive rival cars. If AllStar’s car is indeed destroyed, the character can try its opportunity on foot to avoid enemy attacks in order to survive. Just like Fortnite or Overwatch, each character and their car has its own set of special abilities. “Destroy All Stars” is available to PS Plus subscribers for free on PS5 until April 5. Whether Sony decides to release the PS4 version later remains to be seen.

PS Plus subscribers can still download free games between January and February 1 before launching new games.

As always, after adding the game to the media library, you need to have a valid PlayStation Plus subscription to continue accessing the game. The PlayStation Plus subscription price is Indian rupees. 499 rupees. 1,199 months, three months, Rs. 2,999 for a 12-month period.

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