University researchers said in a study published on Friday that Facebook users may not have learned the jobs they are eligible for because the company’s tools can disproportionately target ads to a specific gender, “This goes beyond Legal legal scope.”

According to this research, in one of the three examples that produced similar results, Facebook targeted Instacart delivery ads to heavy female audiences, while Domino’s Pizza delivery ads targeted heavy male audiences.

Researchers at the University of Southern California say that Instacart’s female drivers are mostly women, while Domino’s is the most male.

In contrast, Microsoft’s LinkedIn showed it the same proportion of women in Domino’s delivery job ads as in Instacart’s ads.

The study stated: “Facebook’s advertising may result in skewed placement of job ads by gender, beyond what can be legally proven by possible differences in qualifications.” It added that this finding strengthened about the Facebook algorithm. Arguments that may violate U.S. anti-discrimination laws.

Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne (Joe Osborne) said that the company is responsible for “many attempts to provide signals that people are most interested in advertising, but we understand the concerns raised in the report.”

In lawsuits and regulatory investigations against discrimination through ad targeting, Facebook has strengthened controls to prevent customers from repelling certain groups from seeing jobs, houses, and other ads.

But researchers still worry that artificial intelligence (AI) software is biased in choosing which users to see ads. Both Facebook and LinkedIn stated that the purpose of their research on artificial intelligence is what the technology industry calls “fairness.”

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Ashvin Kannan, LinkedIn’s vice president of engineering, said the results of this study “are in line with our internal review of the job advertising ecosystem.”

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